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Toll price increases in Attiki Motorway, withdrawn



Attiki Motorway BoD announced earlier today its decision not to apply toll increases announced on June 14, 2019, fully confirming report last week.

As it had become known earlier, the initially tense atmosphere on both sides was eventually eased during the meetings with representatives from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and the concessionaire, both making an effort to prevent increases.

It is reminded that former Minister, Mr. Christos Spirtzis, with the issuance of the legislative act, essentially transferred  the responsibility of the forthcoming increases to the next Government, since it would be in force for 45 days, consequently preventing the immediate implementation of the increases announced, at the peak of the election period.

In that sense, the withdrawal of the toll increases is considered to be the first major success of the new Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Mr. Kostas Karamanlis. After all, according to Ministry’s leaks, it would be almost impossible, for a freshly-elected Government, to accept increases on the busiest road axis in the country, even if there was a provision in the concession contract.


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