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Price increases in Attiki Motorway toll station likely to be averted



According to recent indications, planned price increases in Attiki Motorway will be finally withdrawn.

As well-informed sources report to, it is a matter of days for the case to close as Attiki Motorway seems to be considering the cancellation of the price increases, at least at this point in time.

It has been also pointed out that while there was a tense atmosphere in the beginning, on both sides (for the Ministry due to the increases, and for the  concessionaire due to refusal to accept them), during new meetings that were held between representatives from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and the Motorway, efforts were made for the prevention of the price increases.

However, if the toll increases are to be revered, this will be the first major success of the new Minister of Infrastructure, Mr. Kostas Karamanlis who received a “hot potato” immediately after he assumed his new duties.

Mr. Karamanlis, in a move of goodwill, “allowed” the cease of the legislative act’s power,  opening the door to the dialogue with the concessionaire.

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