Thirty major projects were announced in 2023, continuing the upward trend in construction.

Now, approaching the end of the year, we can see which projects these were and which companies attracted them. Almost all of the projects remain under auction, while there is also one project that has been signed.

Out of the thirty projects, the only one currently under construction is the trio of hospitals in Komotini, Thessaloniki, and Sparta, donated by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. The contractor is ABAX, with a cost reaching 442 million euros.

However, what are these projects? We will categorize them into Metro projects, road projects, waste management facilities, buildings, flood protection projects, and irrigation projects.The total cost of our projects amounts to over 2.5 billion euros.

Metro Projects

Here we have two projects related to the Metro. The first one is construction-related and involves the extension of Line 2 to Ilion.The cost of the project, including VAT, amounts to 680 million euros, and the competition that started on May 3rd this year, with the expression of interest, attracted a total of 4 teams: ΤΕRΝΑ, ΙΝΤRΑΚΑΤ, ΑVAX-GHELLA-ALSTOM και ΑΚΤOR-ΜΥΤΙLINEOS.At this stage, the environmental approval processes are being completed, and the folders of the participants are being reviewed to determine who will proceed to the second round.

The second project is not construction-related; it involves the operation and maintenance of the Thessaloniki Metro.The competition also started in early 2023. The contractor is the Italian-French consortium THEMΑ (composed of ATM and EGIS), which won the 11-year contract with a total financial value of 250 million euros. THEMΑ is one of the leading companies in the European and international scene when it comes to metro network management.The contract follows the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model. Both competitions were organized by the Hellenic Metro.

Road Projects

Here, the menu also includes two projects. To begin with, we have the road project Ioannina-Kakavia.There were two unsuccessful attempts to auction the project in the first half of the year, and now a third attempt is underway. The cost of the project amounts to 310 million euros, and it will be auctioned on December 5th.

On the same day, the section Makrakoni-Tymfristos of the axis Lamia-Karpenissi will also be auctioned. The cost of the project amounts to 200 million euros. Here, too, there was an unsuccessful attempt, and we are in the phase of re-auctioning.

Waste Management Facilities

In the field of waste management facilities, we have several projects. This year, attempts have been made to auction units in Larissa, Volos, Hydra, Naxos, Andros, and Kavala, but for now, the competition dates are being extended from deadline to deadline.The competition is also underway for the waste management facility in the eastern sector of Central Macedonia, where the following expressed interest: two teams and one independent entity. These are: INTRAKAT – WATT, TERNA ENERGEIAKI, and ELEKTOR-MESOGEIOS.

Irrigation Projects and Water Supply

Here, too, we have several projects. The year began with competitions for the water supply of the island of Corfu (PPP) with a value of 255 million euros, and it continued with the water supply of the city of Florina with 17 million euros from the Triantafyllias Dam. In the first project, the competition, which is in the second phase, has attracted the following teams: GEK TERNA – H. KONSTANTINIDIS, AKTOR PARACHORISIS, and MYTILINEOS – INTRAKAT – MESOGEIOS.For the second project, the contractor that emerged successful is the company TERNA. The competitions are being carried out by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

Simultaneously, there were numerous competitions initiated by the Ministry of Rural Development. We had the competition for the underground irrigation of TOEB Gastounis in Ilia.Following that, we had the competition for the reservoir Chochlakia-Fragma Agiou Ioanni Lasithiou. The cost of the PPP project amounts to 69.31 million euros, including VAT.The expression of interest for this particular project took place in early summer, and the following teams participated: AKTOR PARACHORISIS, MYTILINEOS, THALIS-ABAX-GKOLIOPOULOS, and GEK TERNA.

There are also other competitions. These include projects such as “Transfer and distribution of water from the Nestos River to the plains of Xanthi for irrigation purposes,” “Irrigation System of Almopia,” and “Irrigation network of Hyperia, N. Larissa – Orfanon, N. Karditsa.” The consortia GEK TERNA, Thalis E.S. – ABAX – Gkoliopoulos, Mytilineos – Mesogeios, and AKTOR PARACHORISIS – INTRAKAT continue their involvement. Also, in auction is the project for the Kelfina Dam in Laconia.

Sewerage Projects

In sewerage projects, the largest competition is for the Raphina-Pikermi-Spata Sewage Treatment Plant. In the 110 million euros process that started in the summer, the participating consortia are AKTOR-ABAX-ELECTOR METKA-MESOGEIOS, INTRAKAT-ENVITEC, TERNA-THALIS-HELIOCHORA, and GKOLIOPOULOS-ERGOTEM.

In the sewage project of the Municipality of Spata-Artemida with a value of 92 million euros, which started in May, there were many participants. Specifically, in the submission of participation documents, the following entities took part: INTRAKAT – AKTOR, EREBVO – EKTER – TE.NA., THEMELI – CHR. KONSTANTINIDIS – ERGO – ELTERGA – ERGODINAMIKI PATRON, and ERGOROI – TEDRA – CHOROTECHNIKI – ERGODOMIKI.

Also, the sewage project of the Municipality of Marathon with a value of 17 million euros and the sewage network of the Municipality of Evrostini-Xylokastro with a value of 31 million euros have been put up for auction.

Building and Urban Projects

Here, too, we have several competitions. Initially, we have the competition of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, which, as mentioned, was completed in early August, with ABAX winning the contract for 442 million euros. Also, the colossal PPP competition of 765 million euros for the new prisons in Aspropyrgos has started. ABAX, AKTOR PARACHORISIS, GEK TERNA, and MYTILINEOS participated in this competition.

At the same time, there are competitions in Elliniko. Here, competitions are ongoing for sports facilities, Vouliagmenis Mall, Riviera Galleria, and others.Also, the infrastructure projects at the former royal estate in Tatoi, with a value of 17 million euros, are in competition.

Other Projects

However, there is more. Thessaloniki Port re-tendered the project for the expansion of the 6th pier with a cost of approximately 160 million euros including VAT. We also have flood protection projects in Nea Makri, where the competition was canceled. Finally, there are expansions of the natural gas network.The first project concerns the cities of Argos-Nafplio, and the second one is the transboundary pipeline Nea Mesimvria-Geugeli.

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