The new project includes landscaping and communal space development in the broader Area II of the Double Regeneration and the Naval Fortress in the area of Elaiona. The contracting authority for the project is the Municipality of Athens.

The cost of the project, including VAT, amounts to 37.2 million euros (an amount of 30 million euros excluding VAT), and the auction will start on January 9, 2024. The unsealing of bids will take place on January 11, 2024.

It is noted that during the park’s development, 3,563 large evergreen and deciduous trees will be planted, along with 102,000 shrubs. Additionally, there will be 18,520 square meters of lawn, 1,560 square meters of Mediterranean meadow, and 800 square meters of rain gardens. Furthermore, a 950-square-meter lake will be created as a biodiversity habitat.

Upon completion of this project, the largest urban park in Athens, spanning 215 acres, will have been created in Eleona, one of the most degraded areas of the Municipality of Athens.

The projects are part of the Double Regeneration and represent the second significant undertaking in Votanikos. The project for the new Panathinaikos stadium, the contract for which was signed last May, is currently under construction. The contracting consortium for the stadium consists of Terna, Aktor, and Mytilineos.

The project profile

The objective of the project, guided by the most contemporary principles of landscape architecture and following sustainability principles, involves the regeneration of the former industrial area of Votanikos / Elaiona. It includes the construction of green and communal space development projects in the broader Area II of the Double Regeneration and the Naval Fortress in the Eleona area.

Spanning an area exceeding 300,000 square meters, one of the capital’s largest parks will be created—a new green lung with gentle uses and modern public infrastructure. Additionally, the park, beneath the shade of the trees, will host recreational spaces, outdoor sports and play areas, squares and refreshment areas, playgrounds, an amphitheatre, urban cultivations, a dog park, as well as over 14,000 square meters of lawns for various events and activities.

The duration of the project is estimated at 24 months from the signing of the contract. The Recovery Fund, a financial program of the European Union, funds the project.

Another project

In addition to the ongoing regeneration projects and the new Panathinaikos stadium in Votanikos, another project is underway for the creation of essential infrastructure in the Votanikos area.

The infrastructure projects will involve the creation of roads, sidewalks, bike paths, communal spaces, and green areas. The necessary networks for drainage, water supply, electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, etc., will also be established. The total cost of the projects is 38 million euros.

The cost of the second project is estimated at around 38 million euros and is also included in the Recovery and Resilience Fund.

With these three projects, the regeneration of Votanikos transforms it from a third-world to an urban area with a significant green footprint. The projects are expected to be completed by 2026.

The next projects will focus on the regeneration of Alexandras Avenue, where the current Panathinaikos stadium area will be redeveloped, creating the first large green space in the Ampelokipi area.

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