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Works at the new northern section of the E65 motorway have begun



Χάρτης Ε65

When the contract for the Central Greece Motorway, better known as the E65, was signed in 2007, no one could have imagined that it would take 14 years for the construction of the axis as a whole to become a reality.

This was due to the deep economic crisis of the country that forced the “dismemberment” of the sections of the axis. As it is known today, the central part from Xyniada to Trikala, 80 km long, is in operation and the southern part from Anthili (before Lamia) to Xyniada, 32 km long, is under construction.

But now it is a fact and the start of the construction of the northern part, from Trikala to the Garden of Grevena in connection with the Egnatia Odos. With the commitment of the first 65.5 million euros from the Ministry of Infrastructure (out of the total of 442.1 million euros) the project can be filled and the works can be set up.

The northern part of the E65 is fortunate to be funded by the Recovery Fund, which translates as a factor in accelerating work. At this time, the construction sites are being prepared in parts of the department and in any case, works will run along with the project until the end of the year.

A strategic axis

With the construction of the Northern part, 70.5 km long, the E65 will be completed, connecting two main roads, that is, the Egnatia Odos with PATHE. At the same time, it is an axis (especially with the construction of the northern part) that will contribute to the connection of the port of Igoumenitsa with that of Volos.

The route between the two ports that is currently done through PATHE and Egnatia in about 5.5 hours will drop to 4 hours, contributing to the strengthening of freight transport.

The construction of the project has been undertaken by TERNA while the maintenance and operation will be the responsibility of Kentriki Odos SA, the concessionaire of the E65 axis.

The duration of the projects has been estimated at 36 months and therefore the completion and delivery into operation is placed at the end of 2024.

The identity of the project

The general construction progress before the postponement of the works was at 7%, while for the section from Trikala to Kalambaka this percentage amounts to 25%. In this section, projects of 30.9 million euros have been constructed (flood protection, rainwater network, earthworks and small technical projects). From the 136th km to the end of the project, due to new alignment, the cadastral studies for the necessary expropriations are completed.

The new highway will have two lanes per direction and LEA.

Specifically, the following will be constructed:

– Two tunnels with a total length of 65m and 400m.

– Two tunnels with excavation and re-embankment (Cut & Cover) with a total length of 264m and 180m per direction.

– 31 bridges / overpasses.

– Six junctions (Vassiliki, Kalampaka, Grevena, Oxyneia, Agiofyllo – Carpero, Egnatia), while the junction of Trikala will be completed.

– Two Operation and Maintenance Centers (KES).

– A Frontal Toll Station (Acute) and three side stations.

Parking and Rest areas will be constructed along the entire length of the project, as well as a new secondary road network (service and vertical axes) to serve the neighboring areas.


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