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IBI Group behind the new “hybrid” toll system on Olympia Odos



hybrid ολυμπια οδο

Following the completion of the nation-wide electronic toll interoperability in November 2020, a month later, the infrastructure industry welcomed another highly innovative solution: the Olympia Odos “Hybrid” toll system (“OO Hybrid”) implemented by IBI Group. The “OO Hybrid” is the first toll system in Greece that uses “Free Flow” technology. It is also the largest toll collection system in the world that combines this technology with conventional tolls to charge for the exact distance traveled by ETC users.

IBI Group, now on its 23rd year of continuous presence in Greece, puts its signature once again on an innovative technology project that decisively strengthens the country’s infrastructure sector. contacted IBI to find out more details about the company’s next goals and their views on the next day of the country’s highways and infrastructure.

“A state-of-the-art technology in the Olympia Odos

The implementation of the project within 2020 was our primary concern and we were able to achieve this despite the difficulties brought by the pandemic. The “OO Hybrid” complements the existing conventional toll system with 30 additional “Free Flow” toll points recording the entry or exit of users of the Olympia-pass into or out of the Olympia Odos motorway.

A state-of-the-art pricing model capable of combining distance-based charging with other commercial policies has also been designed and implemented. In this project, IBI offered a range of innovative services including the design, development of toll software, procurement of all equipment, installation and commissioning, while continuing to provide support and maintenance services for the entire system.

“The next day on the Greek highways starts with Hybrid”

Having built a mature motorway network, the focus of mobility is now shifting to a more intelligent and helpful operation of the infrastructure using new technologies and the provision of innovative services. The “OO Hybrid” is an excellent starting point in this direction. It is particularly encouraging that the government and the minister in charge have strongly supported the project from the outset, and we are confident that this example will soon be followed by the rest of the country’s highways to provide better and fairer service to drivers.






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