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What is next in the conceded projects’ list

Νίκος Καραγιάννης



The conceded projects’ future generation is emerging slowly after the completion of the country’s new motorway’s network. The construction sector is expected to enter a “quiet” period that will, hopefully, be disrupted by the momentum of the forthcoming, big projects, the main of which being the planned Kasteli Airport in Heraklion and Crete’s Northern Motorway Axis (aka VOAK).  

As it is written recently, at, Kasteli Airport, a project worth 850mn euros, is reportedly before its implementation stage with the joint venture TERNA-GMR proceeding successfully in the relevant tender procedures that could allow the works to start in the end of 2017, if the deal is finally approved by the Infrastructure Ministry.

VOAK is still a project under development. Funding is yet to be secured as well as the operational model (concession or PPP) and the Strategic Project Study. The estimated budget is 600mn euros but, quite possibly, will not be the final figure. Nevertheless, there are a lot of pending issues meaning that it could take a long time before we enter the actual construction stage.

Athens’ new Bus Terminal seems also to be proceeding in a satisfying pace; funding resources could be found easily but there are implications with the project’s scope and its secondary accompanying works (i.e. the surrounding area’s redevelopment). Estimated cost of the project is 300mn euros and the optimistic scenario for its implementation sets the works’ initiation in 2018.

The big tender for the construction and the concession of Thriassion 2, is also coming, involving the development of a logistics center of strategic importance, the transformation of an area extending in 346 acres of land in Attica region and could attract international players, among which, COSCO that also manages Piraeus Port and already has a powerful presence in the Greek market.

Finally, there is a tender coming for Thessaloniki’s logistics center in Gonou, former army camp. According to, GAIAOSE, the “expression of interest” process is expected to start in 2017 and finish in 2018 allowing the works to start one year later, in 2019.




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