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10 new big PPP projects of 2.3 billion euros to be auctioned in 2022



Δρόμος, έργα στην Ποτίδαια

Ten new projects through PPPs are being prepared for 2022 by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. It is part of the program of the total 20 PPP projects that the ministry has on its agenda. The ten new projects have a budget of about 2.3 billion euros and are expected to attract the interest of the investment and construction community as well as consulting companies (Technical, Legal and Financial Advisers).

These are two roads that concern the axes of Drama-Amfipoli and Thessaloniki-Edessa, two for Court Houses in Crete and Thessaly and 5 Police Houses. There are also two Operation & Maintenance projects concerning the Thessaloniki Metro and the Electronic Tolls. Finally, the auction is expected for the dams Enipeas in Farsala, Tavronitis in Chania and the water supply of Corfu.

These projects have a common denominator. They are spread out all around the country and none of them include Attica. In this way it is believed that development will be given through initially the construction and later the operation of all these critical infrastructures.

The most important in terms of development dynamics are the projects for the Dams that will provide great opportunities for sustainable agricultural development in areas in great need such as Farsala, Chania and Corfu.

The program of 20 PPP projects

The program of the Ministry of Infrastructure includes 20 projects with the method of Public-Private Partnership totaling 4 billion euros. Today, half of them amount to about 1.7 billion euros have been activated.

They include the section of VOAK Hersonissos-Neapoli, the road axis Kalamata-Pylos-Methoni, the flyover of Peripheral Thessaloniki. Also the building projects for 17 schools in Central Macedonia, Courthouses in Central Macedonia, two tenders for 13 Regional Centers for Civil Protection and the new building of the General Secretariat of Infrastructure on Piraeus Street are included.

Finally, the projects for the Havria Dam in Halkidiki and the External Water Supply System of Attica are in tender.

In 2022, it is estimated that at least the three road projects will be signed, while the procedures for the building projects are progressing so that they can be signed in the first half of 2023.



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