Ten major iconic projects are materialized by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport in Attica. These are transportation projects costing more than 4 billion euros that have the ambitious goal to be completed by the end of the current decade. These projects concern Metro lines, road and rail connections and come to be added to the current transport network of the country’s capital.

The projects concern the new line 4 of the Athens Metro, the extension of line 2 to Ilion, the Salamina-Perama road link, the extension of Kymi A., the flood protection works, the extension of the Suburban to Rafina and Lavrio, the extension of the Suburban in Elefsina-Megara, the extension of line 3 to the Dimotiko Theatro and the urban tunnel of Ilioupoli.

Let’s see in detail:

1. New Line 4 of the Athens Metro

It is the largest public project of all time for the country with a cost (including VAT) of 1.8 billion euros. The tender was launched in 2017, the preliminary works for the movement of networks and archaeological surveys have started since March 2021, while the main contract was signed in June of the same year. The Alsos Veikou-Goudis section is being built with 15 underground stations and 12.9 kilometers of tunnel. In the future, extensions to Petroupoli, Marousi-Lykovrysi are planned. The project is estimated to help relieve the traffic problem of the urban complex of the capital, which is becoming more and more intense, while it will also increase the use of Public Transportation Means.

2.  Extension of Metro Line 2 to Ilion

It concerns the extension of Line 2 from Anthoupoli to Agios Nikolaos. It will include 3 stations (PALATIANI, ILION, AGIOS NIKOLAOS). The cost is estimated at 350 million euros. The tender of the project is planned for the near future. It is an important addition to the Metro network in the densely populated areas of Ilio and Aghii Anargyri. It is the first extension of line 2 after 2013 when it had reached Elliniko and Anthoupoli.

3.  Salamina-Perama Undersea Road Link

It concerns the creation of a new road axis that will start from Schistou Avenue, will reach Perama and from there it will pass through a tunnel to Salamina, ending approximately at the commercial center of the island. The tender has been ongoing since 2016, but this year the submission of the environmental study for the €400 million project progressed.

4.  Extension of Kymi Avenue to the National Highway

It is part of the Attica Road extension projects. It’s about expansion. The extension will start from the junction of Attiki Odos and will end after 3.8 km on the National Highway, at the Kalyftaki junction (Kato Kifissia), creating a bypass that is estimated to reduce traffic congestion in the Metamorfosi-Plakentia section. The cost amounts to 350 million euros and the tender of the project is at an advanced stage with the temporary contractor TERNA-AKTOR-INDRAKAT. The aim is to be signed in the Autumn.

5.  Flood protection projects

The Ministry of Infrastructure has put forward projects for the anti-flood protection of Attica concerning the streams of Erasinos, Agios Georgios-Giannoulas Aspropyrgos, Eschatia, Rafina, Kanapitsa. These projects, costing approximately 150 million euros, will contribute to the prevention of flooding incidents which, due to climate change, are becoming more frequent and more intense.

6. Suburban extension to Rafina

The extension to Rafina has been discussed for years. The idea is to reach the Port of Rafina as an extension from the Airport and the distance is about 7km. It will serve Pikermi and Rafina and promises to solve the port problem. The Rafina-Athens distance will be covered in about 45 minutes. The cost of this investment has been estimated at 300 million euros. The tender of the project is in progress by ERGOSE.

7. Suburban extension to Lavrio

The extension from Koropi to Lavrio will include two railway stations (Markopoulo and Port of Lavrio) and five railway stops (Kalyvia, Keratea, Daskaleio, Thorikos, Kyprianos). The distance Athens-Lavrio will be around 55 minutes and Koropi-Lavrio in 28 minutes with the completion of the extension. The cost has been calculated at 380 million euros. The tender of the project is in progress by ERGOSE.

8. Extension of the Suburban to Elefsina-Megara

This project concerns the utilization of a section of the old Athens-Corinth metric line, which has been out of service for about 15 years. A new electrified suburban railway line of 36 km length will be created that will start from Ano Liosia, pass through Aspropyrgos, Elefsina and end in Megara. The cost of the project is estimated at 85 million euros and includes the normalization-signaling-electrification-remote control of the line. The tender of the project is planned to take place shortly with financing from the Recovery Fund.

9. Extension of Metro Line 3 to Dimotiko Theatro

It concerns the completion of the extension of line 3 to Piraeus which began in 2013. The first section was completed in the summer of 2020, ending at NIKAIA station. The rest of the line with Maniatika, Piraeus and Dimotiko Theatro stations is estimated to be put into operation soon enough. With this extension, the port of Piraeus will be directly connected to the center of Athens and El. Venizelos Airport. The total cost of the expansion is 660 million euros.

10. Urban Tunnel of Ilioupoli

Here at the moment we are still in the process of waiting for the project to mature regarding the studies. The urban tunnel of Ilioupoli is estimated to be one of the main projects of the extensions of the Attiki Odos. It will lead from Katehaki directly to Vouliagmenis Avenue. At the same time, the avenue will be leveled up to the height of Hellinikon. It is tenth on the list because it is at the beginning of the preparation for its implementation, but it is a project that is considered of the free road ring of the capital that will significantly ease road transportation.


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