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The Top-5 new big motorway projects in Greece to be officially signed by the end of 2022



Πάτρα-Πύργος: Εργοτάξιο στα Κρεστενά
Πάτρα-Πύργος: Εργοτάξιο στα Κρεστενά. Πηγή:

Five major contracts are expected to be signed by the end of 2022 or early 2023 at the latest, for major road construction projects in the country. The projects expand the country’s highway network and aim to increase road safety levels, reduce traffic accidents and improve the driving experience.

These five tenders concern a section of VOAK, the extension of Kymi Avenue, the Bralos-Amfissa section, the Flyover of the Regional Thessaloniki Ringroad and the Kalamata-Pylos-Methoni PPP project. All projects are in an advanced stage of competition and there is optimism that they will be able to be contracted within 2022 (unless other reasons arise such as objections or legal disputes, elections, etc.)

But at what point are these competitions today? Let’s look at the projects one by one and how the relevant process is developing.

Bralos-Amfissa 285 million euros

The project was announced at the end of the year. The tender was held on January 22 and through the bidding process AVAX was selected as the temporary contractor. It concerns the upgrading of a part of the diagonal axis Lamia-Itea-Antirrio. It is an important project that will improve road safety and significantly reduce the required times as the works will be carried out in a particularly difficult geological section. The projects have a duration of 54 months, so since the sub-office project this year is expected to be completed in the distant 2027. The contracting authority is the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Kalamata-Methoni 310 million euros

A major project that will upgrade the area of ​​Messinia and its tourism product in particular. The new axis will give life and new growth opportunities. The competition started in 2019 and at the end of 2021 the offers were given. Of the two schemes that claimed the project temporary contractor is the AKTOR-INDRAKAT scheme. The tender is at an advanced stage and it is estimated that the signatures will fall in the next semester. Let us remind you that this is a PPP tender with the contractor undertaking, in addition to the construction and operation, and maintenance of the axis for a total period of 35 years. The Contracting Authority is the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

Extension of Kymi Avenue 352 million euros


The tender concerns the first extension of the Attiki Odos in 18 years. Kymis Avenue with this project will reach Lykovrysi at the uneven Kalyftakis interchange. A large part of the project is underground and will especially serve the areas of Amarousi, Pefki and Neos Heraklion and will decongest the section of Attiki Odos from Metamorfosi to Doukissis Placentia. The competition started on January 22 and the temporary contractor is the TERNA-AKTOR-INDRAKAT scheme. The construction period of the project has been estimated at 48 months, so with conservative forecasts the completion is placed at the end of 2026 (ie not counting any delays). The Contracting Authority is the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

Flyover of the Regional Thessaloniki Rignroad 462 million euros

The Flyover is an above-ground axis on the eastern side of Regional Ringroad of Thessaloniki that promises to solve the serious traffic problem that occurs on a daily basis. The competition started at the end of 2020. At the end of 2021 the offers were also given. The joint venture AVAX-MYTILINEOS has been declared temporary contractor among 4 schemes that claimed the project. Of all the projects mentioned, it is the most advanced and is expected to be signed soon. This is a PPP project whose duration is 30 months. The contractor will also undertake the maintenance and operation of the entire Regional Thessaloniki for a period of 35 years. The Contracting Authority is the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

VOAK- sections Hersonissos-Neapoli

In the two smaller divisions, the bidding process has progressed. In the Hersonissos-Neapoli section we had an offer from the joint venture GEK TERNA-ACTOR CONCESSIONS-INDRACAT.

Completion of the tender is awaited. It is still a PPP project whose duration is set at 30 years. This period includes the construction period, which is approximately 4 years. Hersonissos-Neapolis is the middle section between the concession section (Chania-Hersonissos) and the public project (Neapolis-Agios Nikolaos).

Let us be reminded that in the Neapolis-Agios Nikolaos section of 186 million euros, the signing took place on September 5. The project has been undertaken by AKTOR. The project has a completion period of 36 months, i.e. towards the end of 2025. The Contracting Authority is the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport



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