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Western Greece: Major transportation projects underway in Achaia prefecture



One of the most active -construction-wise- parts of the country, tends to become Achaia prefecture, belonging in the Region of Western Greece, with many different projects being at the design or tendering stage.

The first major step was taken in 2017 with the completion of the western section of Olympia Motorway -from Kiato to Patras- changing Achaia, as the routes to other parts of the country through the new motorway network became much easier and safer.

Today, Achaia is preparing for a series of major infrastructure projects that will further develop transport networks and transform the region, with the main focus being on Patras, Greece’s third largest city.

However, this process is quite problematic as multiple factors have contributed to delaying the implementation of these necessary projects.

The active “fronts” of Achaia

The most important project concerning Western Achaia and its neighboring Ilia prefecture is of course Patras-Pyrgos Motorway and the changes that may be brought by the new Government in the “legendary” sliced project with the 8 contracts.

The second major front is the railway works which, from Aegion onwards comprise 3 sections: from Aegio to Psathopyrgos, from Psathopyrgos to Rio and from Rio to Patras Port.

The first two sections are under construction, for the new double-track railway line infrastructure. Next year will be crucial for the auctioning of projects that are essential for the reopening of the double-track line with electrification, all the way from Aegion to Rio.

The aim is for the project to have been completed by 2023 and the new, modern train to reach the  entrance of the city of Patras.

The third section prepares a contract that includes the study and construction of a comprehensive project for infrastructure, electrification, signaling, ETCS and stations from Rio to Aghios Dionysios with updated decisions being expected by the new Minister.

At the same time, the extension of the successful Suburban Railway of Patras, from Aghios Andreas to Kato Achaia, is due to operate in 2019. The first test routes will start in the next few days.

Apart from the above, another issue is the arrival of the natural gas. Movements are constantly taking place but to this day there are not any definite plans.

Another critical infrastructure is the completion of Peiros-Parapiros Dam which is in its final stage of construction. The debate remains about who will be the administrator of a project promising to solve water supply and irrigation issues throughout Achaia.

Finally, the completion of the construction works in the Port of Patras is expected soon. Here, due to the disruption of transport networks in the previous years, a large decline in the traffic  of the port has been observed.

Today, its lack of connection with the railway network is directly connected to its disadvantage in the freight transport sector, while in other ports such as Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Volos and Alexandroupolis, this infrastructure is directly linked to their growth path.

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