The project for the eastern part of VOAK, Neapoli-Agios Nikolaos, is speeding up for signatures. According to sources, it is now a matter of days to complete the process for approval of the contract by the Court of Auditors to begin the process of presenting the project to the Greek Parliament. The goal is for it to be signed during June or at the latest in July and for the construction and upgrade of VOAK to a highway level to officially begin.

The whole process is going fast as the project is funded by the Recovery Fund and the timelines keep pressing. It should be noted that once the competition period is completed within the timeframes mentioned above, we could call it an express process as the tender started at the end of February. This means that the project is completed in just six months when the average of tenders – especially in large projects -goes on for one year and many times beyond that. 

AKTOR, which is the contractor of the project with a discount rate of 7.1%, will add another large project to its unutilized fund, which is expected to expand even more in the next twelve months. It will be the first large company to “set foot” in this big project for the conversion of VOAK into a highway.

The tender for the Hersonissos-Neapoli section will follow with the PPP way which is estimated to be completed within the year as well. The contractor scheme consists of GEK TERNA-AKTOR CONCESSIONS-INTRACAT. In 2023, the tender is expected to be completed using the concession method for the Kissamos-Chania-Hersonissos section.

Anatomy of the Neapoli-Agios Nikolaos section

The big bet that concerns VOAK will be completed with the Neapoli-Agios Nikolaos section that completes the puzzle of the highway. The section that completes VOAK is of  length 14.5 km and of cost of 186 million euros,VAT included (amount without VAT 136.29 million euros). The contracting authority is the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

In detail, the project is about conversion into a closed highway with the addition of improvement – widening of the existing Neapoli – Ag. Nikolaos in a four-track artery with two traffic lanes and a LEA in each direction, of a separate traffic deck, with a total width of 22.50 meters.

The auction of the project along with the submission of the files and the opening of the bids took place on the 22nd of February. The duration of the construction work was set at 36 months from the signing of the relevant contract. The project will be funded by the Recovery Fund.

In its final form, VOAK from Kissamos to Sitia will have a length of 300 km.

What will be built in the Neapoli-Agios Nikolaos section

At VOAK at the materialization of Neapoli-Agios Nikolaos section, the projects that will take place are rather important. The object of the project to that is to be constructed, includes the execution of all types of earthworks (with the relevant loan and storage projects), technical works (Bridges, projects of partial or total coverage of strips (Cut & Cover), Upper & Lower Crossings, curbs, paving, etc.), slope stability works and improving the response of works against retreats (remediation, any required counterweights, etc.), paving, asphalt, marking (vertical and horizontal), projects, sewerage – drainage, electro-mechanical installations (street lighting, signaling, etc.), green installation, green maintenance, relocation – rehabilitation of OKO networks.

The project includes, as an option in favor of the State and of an estimated value of € 13,709,677.42 (plus VAT 24%), the improvement of the cross-section and of the geometry of P.E.O. Neapoli – Ag. Nikolaos, in order to facilitate the traffic during the construction of the highway and the accompanying works.



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