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New urban tunnel in the southern suburbs of Athens to be planned & major avenue to be upgraded to a highway



Σχεδιαστική προσέγγιση κόμβου επί της Λ.Βουλιαγμένης
Σχεδιαστική προσέγγιση κόμβου επί της Λ.Βουλιαγμένης.

The Urban Tunnel of Ilioupoli and the upgrading of L. Vouliagmeni, part of the new extensions of the Attiki Odos are in progress. According to reliable sources, the undertaking of the studies by Lamda Development on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport is definite.

Discussions about the donation of the studies on behalf of Lamda had started a long time ago but the decision was made a few days ago. According to the same sources, preliminary studies will begin in the summer and the goal is to be completed within 12-14 months.

The preliminary studies for the project are complex due to the nature of the subject and will require the input of many different study properties to be completed.

Lamda will also undertake the environmental study of the major road project. This means that the project will be delivered ready for auction. According to estimates, the cost of the studies ranges from 3-5 million euros. Let’s remember that the Urban Tunnel of Ilioupoli is also included in the latest edition of the Regulatory Plan of Athens.

What is the Urban Tunnel of Ilioupoli?

The urban tunnel of Ilioupoli will start approximately from Sakketa camps and will end at Vouliagmenis Street, approximately at the height of the Metro Mall on the border of Agios Dimitrios and Ilioupoli. Then the project includes levelling all the junctions up to the height of Glyfada.

The tunnel will be approximately 3 kilometers long and will consist of two distinct branches, one for each traffic stream. It will have three lanes per traffic stream and the latest technology in road safety matters. In the project, both value engineering and BIM technology will be applied, in order to contain the costs which is currently estimated at around 450-500 million euros, at current prices.

The Urban Tunnel of Ilioupoli will not only act as a relief for the southern suburbs but will contribute decisively to lessen the traffic congestion in the capital. It will essentially become part of a ring road with freeways (or urban freeways if you prefer) that will improve the required driving times.

It will function as a connecting link between the two large traffic rings of Lekanopedio, Attiki Odos and Vouliagmeni and will essentially complete a free ring that starts from Faliro’s Uneven Junction, continues to Metamorfosi, continues with Attiki Odos to Katehaki and with the Urban Tunnel of Ilioupoli and reaches the Elliniko pole without traffic lights.

Uneven junctions are planned to be created on Karea Street, at the height of Ilioupoli, on Dodecanese Street, on Ethnarchou Makariou Street, on Karaiskaki Street, on Alimos Street and in Elliniko. .

It will be the second free vertical axis of Athens after Kifissos, and according to sources close to the matter, it is estimated that with its operation, it will act as a decongestant in the movement of the overburdened traffic axis of Kifissos Avenue.

The extensions of the Attica Road

The innitiation of the implementation of the Urban Tunnel of Ilioupoli and the upgrading of L. Vouliagmeni, once again brings to the surface the mega-project of the extensions of Attiki Odos. In addition to the specific project, the plans also include the extensions to Rafina and Lavrio.

However, the final decision on how these projects will proceed has not yet been made. That is, whether it will be with a concession or public works and whether it will be an independent part of an overall package that will function as an “Attica Road 2.0”.

What is certain is that these projects, due to their given commerciality, will attract the large construction groups that are already preparing for the upcoming tender. The total value of the projects is estimated at over 1 billion euros, with other estimates approaching 1.5 billion euros.

The relevant decisions are expected to be taken within 2022 given the preparation time needed, due to the size of these projects.




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