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Two major road projects to be funded via the European Recovery Fund




The northern part of the E65 and the VOAK are finally the two major road projects that will pass through the door of the Recovery Fund. According to reliable sources, it is something that was expected as the target of the Recovery Fund was not the roads but projects, which are related to green development and the environment.

“It is no coincidence that the major road project of the northern part of the E65 (Trikala-Egnatia), passed as it was connected to the general project of de-lignification, the greenest project in Europe,” notes in, a senior market executive who adds that “the time of major road projects beyond some necessary additions such as the extensions of Attiki Odos and VOAK has passed irrevocably and we must understand this.”

How the projects will proceed

Competent sources say that the ministry never went out to talk about the Fund’s road projects. However, they emphasize that the fact that some road projects did not qualify for the Recovery Fund, does not mean that they will not be implemented. Besides, the  RRF. counts some months of life which means that there was pre-planning for these projects.

These concern road projects such as the Chalkida Bypass, Serres-Amphipolis, the Chalkidona bypass that have some maturity and will proceed through other tools, i.e. PPP or NSRF. At the same time, other proposed projects, such as the Salamina-Perama submarine link, are in any case in a concession tender and there is no question of its non-implementation.

The extensions of Attiki Odos have also been planned for implementation, with the first priority being the extension of Kymi Avenue, which is planned to be announced by the end of the year.

The end of road works

The truth is that the road network of highways in Greece is now at the European average and in addition Europe’s priorities have shifted to rail and environmental projects. This mix does not work in favor of continuing to insist on large road projects.

In addition to the two road projects, within the Recovery Fund in relation to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, significant flood protection projects have been selected that will shield sensitive areas, dams and railway projects.

Activation of the Recovery Fund

The National Recovery and Sustainability Plan is prepared with a voluminous file. According to the available information, about 170 projects will proceed through this and 16.4 million euros will flow into the country.

The environmental impact assessment has also been completed and all that remains is to send the final text in April, start a two-month consultation and lock it in. Final approval is expected in the summer.




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