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Twelve major infrastructure projects promising to upgrade Thessaloniki

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Γραμμη 4 Μετρο

The General Secretary of Infrastructure, Mr. George Karagiannis, spoke to Thessaloniki news website,, about 12 major projects for the city and the wider region.

Most of them are known and the Ministry’s goal is to implement them, reversing the city’s negative past experiences concerning the projects. Some of them are already under construction, while others are in advanced preparation or planning, making their way to their tenders.

According to Mr. Karagiannis, the 12 major projects in the region are the following:

1. Thessaloniki Metro (Main line and the extension to Kalamaria), which is now at a very advanced stage.

2. Completion of Egnatia Motorway vertical axis Thessaloniki-N. Moudania-Potidea, with 14.5m euros

3. Completion of road safety upgrade works on Thessaloniki-Polygyros axis, in the section Thermi-Galatista, with 29m euros.

4. Completion of the road connection between the 6th pier of Thessaloniki Port and PATHe motorway axis, with 75m euros.

5. The proposed PPP project regarding the upgrade of the eastern internal ring road (aka flyover), with an indicative budget of 350m euros.

6. Rainwater drainage of Kalamaria Municipality southern section, with 12m euros.

7. Flood control works in the wider area of ​​”Lachanagora”, with 33m euros.

8. Construction of 17 new school units using the PPP method, with an estimated cost of 153m euros.

9. Installation of signaling systems and ETCS-LEVEL 1 on the single-track railway line Thessaloniki-Eidomeni, with 46m euros.

10. Thessaloniki-Mouries road project, with 65m euros

11. Upgrade-electrification of the railway line Thessaloniki-Promachonas, with 150m euros.

12. Connection of the Thessaloniki Port 6th Pier with the national railway network. This project proceeds with the method of the competitive dialogue.


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Seven contenders for large-scale PPP building project by Thrace University

Νίκος Καραγιάννης



Another PPP project that is anticipated with great interest by the investment community is about to enter its tendering process. The third large building PPP project by Democritus University of Thrace attracted the interest of a total of seven companies: GEK TERNA, ELLAKTOR, AVAX,J/V MYTILINEOS-ATESE, INTRAKAT and THEMELI.

It is reminded that this building project was put up for auction by Democritus University of Thrace in the beginning of May, concerning the construction of student dormitories, educational, research and other infrastructure of the institution and was previously approved by the inter-ministerial committee a few weeks ago with the Senate consequently deciding to to publish the tender notice.

The cost of the project amounts to 107.3m euros (incl. VAT). It is a large complex of building projects that includes: dormitories, university residences, a new central library, a research center and various other buildings. The expression of interest is set for June 23, 2020.

In its announcement, Democritus University of Thrace notes that ‘as a part of DUTH’s Strategic Planning, this project will be a pillar of development, which will make high quality infrastructure, services and specialization available in the area of student welfare (i.e. student dormitories and catering spaces). Concluding, it expresses warm thanks for the support and cooperation with the political and administrative executives of the Special Secretariat for Investments and PPP projects of the Ministry of Growth and Investments.

The scope of the projects

The University of Thrace is ‘spread’ across 4 cities, which means that there are need for the creation of infrastructure in different areas, at the same time. The scope of this new large-scale PPP project is detailed by city:

Alexandroupolis: 4 student dorms (12,194,34 sq.m. for 350 people), a student dining area (3,776,75 sq.m. for 1,500 people) and university residences (12 spaces for at least 4 people, 1,440 sq.m.).

Komotini: 2 student dorms (9,667.36 sq.m. indoor spaces and 3,551,8 sq.m. of outdoor spaces for 350 people), a student dining area (6,000 sq.m. for 2,500 students), a hostel (660 sq.m. for 28 people), university residences (24 residences with blocks of 4 residences, 2,880 s.qm). The construction of a new central library, a reading room and a multi-purpose facility (i.e. one main building covering a surface of 6,000 sq.m. and 17,000 sq.m. in total).

Xanthi: Research Center of Excellence (1 main building with laboratories and research centers, covering 10,000 sq.m. of indoor spaces and 5,000 sq.m. of outdoor spaces).

A project of great added value

A project of this size in Thrace region will have a major impact on the local economy. The fact that there will be construction works in three cities at the same time is expected to revitalize the construction industry and give employment to many companies. It is worth mentioning that it will be the largest building complex, constructed as a PPP in Thrace in many years.

For the wider technical sector, this project means a big relief for the country’s major technical companies that have been experiencing a prolonged ‘drought’.

As noted by the Democritus University of Thrace, “Planning for the sustainable development of DUTH in the immediate future is expected to be a pillar of a new development model in the region and an important part of its history”.

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New ambitious plan for 6 major railway projects in Greece, worth 3.3bn euros

Νίκος Καραγιάννης



Μεγάλα έργα, σιδηροδρομικά

ERGOSE plans to auction 6 very important railway projects through the process of competitive dialogue. Realizing the difficulties of financing but also the time-consuming procedures required to promote the implementation of new major projects, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and ERGOSE are launching a new generation of projects with a total cost of 3.3bn euros aiming to modernize the greek railway and interconnect 6 major ports of the country with the national network.

These projects, according to what Christos Vinis, CEO of ERGOSE, announced from the podium of the 8th Regional Development Conference in Patras(organized by “Peloponnisos” newspaper) last weekend, are as follows:

1. New railway line Thessaloniki-Kavala-Toksotes (i.e. eastern “Railway Egnatia”, with 1.3bn euros

2. Upgrade of Alexandroupoli-Ormenio railway line, with 815m euros

3. Extension of Athens Suburban Railway (“El. Venizelos” Airport-Rafina section), with 300m euros

4. Extension of Athens Suburban Railway (Koropi-Lavrio section), with 380m euros

5. New double-track railway line between Rio and Patra, with 514m euros

6. Connection of Thessaloniki Port 6th Pier with the national network, with 22m euros

According to Mr. Vinis, the choice of the competitive dialogue for the promotion of major railway projects has specific advantages such as the acceleration of the projects’ maturation, the assurance that the best technical solution will be chosen, as a result of the consultation between stakeholders, the possibility of implementing innovative solutions and the compliance with implementation schedules

It is also important that the contractor, after the completion of the dialogue, becomes the master of the project study, thus assuming responsibility for any failure. Now, what remains to be decided is the process by which these projects will run and a more specific timeline for their implementation.

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K. Karamanlis proposes extensive undergrounding of the train line reaching Patras

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Κώστας Καραμανλής

A very interesting panel was held today in Patras, within the framework of the 8th Regional Growth Conference organized by “Peloponnisos” newspaper.

During the session entitled: “Regional Policy and New Infrastructure”, the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Mr. Kostas Karamanlis,referred to major infrastructure projects in the region and announced the government’s proposal for extensive undergrounding of the train route to Patras (between Kanellopoulou Street and Dymaion Coast, with a total length of more than 5 km) and its connection to the port of the city (section Aghios Dionysios-Aghios Andreas).

Mr. Karamanlis announced the new approach for the train, aiming to satisfy the local community, releasing at least 17 acres of public space on the surface within the dense urban sprawl, while ensuring, at the same time, the good operation of the Suburban Railway and mainting the connection to Pyrgos. As he said the relevant tender is due to start in the second half of 2021 for a project worth in total 514m euros. When completed, travel time between Athens and Patras will be reduced to just 1 hour and 40 minutes.

The proposal of the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport is of great interest in the region, since the issue of the construction of the train  line has been present for more than 15 years.

The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport also spoke about Patras-Pyrgos Motorway, for which he promised swift developments in order to upgrade the existing, obsolete axis that is extremely dangerous for its users.

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