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Twelve major infrastructure projects promising to upgrade Thessaloniki



The General Secretary of Infrastructure, Mr. George Karagiannis, spoke to Thessaloniki news website,, about 12 major projects for the city and the wider region.

Most of them are known and the Ministry’s goal is to implement them, reversing the city’s negative past experiences concerning the projects. Some of them are already under construction, while others are in advanced preparation or planning, making their way to their tenders.

According to Mr. Karagiannis, the 12 major projects in the region are the following:

1. Thessaloniki Metro (Main line and the extension to Kalamaria), which is now at a very advanced stage.

2. Completion of Egnatia Motorway vertical axis Thessaloniki-N. Moudania-Potidea, with 14.5m euros

3. Completion of road safety upgrade works on Thessaloniki-Polygyros axis, in the section Thermi-Galatista, with 29m euros.

4. Completion of the road connection between the 6th pier of Thessaloniki Port and PATHe motorway axis, with 75m euros.

5. The proposed PPP project regarding the upgrade of the eastern internal ring road (aka flyover), with an indicative budget of 350m euros.

6. Rainwater drainage of Kalamaria Municipality southern section, with 12m euros.

7. Flood control works in the wider area of ​​”Lachanagora”, with 33m euros.


8. Construction of 17 new school units using the PPP method, with an estimated cost of 153m euros.

9. Installation of signaling systems and ETCS-LEVEL 1 on the single-track railway line Thessaloniki-Eidomeni, with 46m euros.

10. Thessaloniki-Mouries road project, with 65m euros

11. Upgrade-electrification of the railway line Thessaloniki-Promachonas, with 150m euros.

12. Connection of the Thessaloniki Port 6th Pier with the national railway network. This project proceeds with the method of the competitive dialogue.



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