Air cargo has allowed many airlines to survive the catastrophic drop in passenger numbers, rising to represent almost a third of total revenues. Maintaining the sector’s growing importance involves a thorough understanding of the latest regulations. This is particularly true of such special cargo as dangerous goods, infectious substances, and perishables. IATA Training’s innovative courses in these critical, yet sensitive, areas will give you the platform you need to handle and distribute these products safely and efficiently.

Featured courses from TÜV AUSTRIA ACADEMY :

1. Air Cargo Law and Convention

2. Cargo Skills and Procedures

3. CASS and CASS link Workshop

4. DG Compass 3-D Simulation Practice for Acceptance Personnel – Initial

5. DG Compass 3-D Simulation Practice for Acceptance Personnel – Recurrent

6. Infectious Substances Transport – Train the Trainer

7. Lithium Battery Logistics Safety Management

8. Perishable Cargo Transportation

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