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Tram extension works to Piraeus under completion



The end of the year is the due date for Tram extension works from Neo Faleron to the center and the Port of Piraeus. The extension is a single-track, circular line starting from the current Tram terminal outside Peace and Friendship Stadium (SEF) going all the way to Piraeus Port, just 100 m. away from Metro Line 1 terminal. From Piraeus, it will be following the opposite course leading back to its starting point. The extension will be featuring a 5.4-km-long track and 11 new stops.

Mr. Papadopoulos, CEO of Attiko Metro, said in his recent interview at that the construction works for the new line will be completed in 2017 and after a trial period, decided by STASY, the extension will go operational in 2018.

Regarding a further extension of the line to Keratsini area, which is under consideration, Mr. Papadopoulos said that topographic surveys are about to start in the following weeks while more studies related to the project will follow. The target is for the project to be tendered in the beginning of 2019. Nevertheless, the design of the extension along with its technical characteristics, are still in a relatively early stage.



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