The tender for Thriasio II is also moving forward as the gigantic Logistics Park is finally given to the Hellenic Train-Damco consortium. With the decision of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the third contract of the tender was approved and the above duo was declared as the contractor of the project. This means that the next step after the contract is drawn up is to send it to the Court of Auditors for approval. Of course, due to the electoral battle, the completion of the tender process and the signing of the contract is the job of the next Parliament and the next government.

The future Minister of Infrastructure and Transport will be asked to present the concession contract to the Hellenic Parliament and then sign it to. In the tender it is worth noting that the process had to be extended three times while there were two previous unsuccessful tenders.

Now, after decades of announcements and efforts, it seems that we are headed for a positive outcome with the Hellenic Train-Damco scheme taking over the fortunes of the new shopping center in Aspropyrgos, better known as Thriasio II, whose property is considered one of the most important properties in Attica .

To get here, on 10-01-2023 there was an analytical technical report of the Financial Advisor for the award of the Concession Agreement, following a relevant financial analysis, the price range of an economic offer was presented, which objectively can be considered as economic reasonable and responsive to market conditions in the context of the Competition. On 23-02-2023 there was a letter from the Financial Advisor to the Contracting Authority regarding the evaluation of the financial offer submitted in the context of the tender.

Finally, the Tender Committee has completed the control and evaluation of the temporary contractor’s justifications, deemed that they are complete and admissible in accordance with the requirements of the corresponding articles of the Declaration

The cost of the project amounts to an amount including VAT of 696 million euros (amount without VAT of 561.04 million euros). The project is carried out within the framework of the open International Tender for the award of a Concession Agreement for the Operation, Maintenance, Exploitation, completion of studies, construction of projects and supply of equipment of the E.S.S.S.D.I. Thriasiou Pediou, in accordance with the provisions of Law 4413/2016.

If the tender is successfully completed, it is estimated that it will take off the field of logistics in the region of Attica. Let’s remember that the first tender was attempted in 2019 and the second started in 2021. Both ended up fruitless despite rumors of interest from important companies mainly in the shipping and railway sectors. The problem in both tenders was that despite the initial interest expressed by many investment bodies, at the critical moment, that is, in the bidding phase, there was no participation as the project was deemed unprofitable.

Many tens of millions have been invested in the property for the creation of railway infrastructure as well as buildings, roads, etc. and is intended to be transformed into a modern logistics park.

It is the second largest property in the Attica region, behind only El. Venizelos Airport. It is approximately 1,450 acres, owned by OSE, on which railway infrastructure, access roads, railway marshalling yard, cargo depots, customs and office premises, as well as warehouses and other support buildings have been constructed and exist.

Project details

The new tender, like the previous ones, will concern the operation, maintenance, exploitation, completion of the studies, construction of projects and supply of equipment for the Freight Railway Station and Sorting Station of Thriasio (ESSSSDI).

The concession contract in the previous tender had a duration of 360 months (30 years) from the date of its signing. It also includes a period (to be determined) for the required work.

In relation to Triassio II in particular, the work completed so far allows its basic operation. More specifically, during the first phase of development, basic works on railway and road infrastructure, networks and E/M equipment were carried out, while during the second phase of development further works on railway and road infrastructure, networks and E/M equipment were carried out, while in addition, railway infrastructure building projects, signaling and electrification works.

For the completion of the entire Triasium II, there are pending construction works and procurement and installation of special equipment which the Concessionaire will undertake to perform in the framework of the execution of the Technical Project.

During the ESSSDI, projects have been constructed and work carried out to date, with the aim of creating the first integrated complex of combined transport freight station facilities in Greece and the concentration of the scattered railway activities of Attica in it.

The relevant actions of the competent bodies to achieve the above goal already started in the 1970s, while in the 1980s the first general layout study was drawn up. The development works of the above Complex carried out to date were carried out in two phases and were co-financed by the Cohesion Fund and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) during the periods 1994-1999, 2000-2006 (first phase development) and 2007-2013 (2nd phase of development).

The “E.S.S.S.D.I.” is the Freight Railway Station and Sorting Station of Thriasio, owned by O.S.E. S.A., in which railway infrastructures, access roads, railway sorting station, cargo storage areas, customs and office areas and other supporting services buildings have been constructed and are located in an area outside the city plan of the Thriasio Field of the Municipality of Aspropyrgos Attica.

It is pointed out that within the E.S.S.S.D.I., buildings K1, K2 and K3, which are not included in the Concession, have been constructed and exist.

The project

In Thriasio II, which is heading towards the Hellenic Train-Damco consortium to become an integrated Logistics Park, construction of buildings and procurement and installation of special equipment will be needed, which it will undertake to perform as the Concessionaire in the context of the execution of the Technical Project.

In its full formation, in the context of the execution of the awarded Concession Agreement, the Concession Area is expected to consist of the following functional units/areas of operation:

  1. a) Railway System
  2. b) Combined Transport Transloading Area
  3. c) E/C Service Area 
  4. d) Wagon Load Transfer Area 
  5. e) General Cargo Transshipment Areas 
  6. f) Vehicle Transfer Area 
  7. g) Road System
  8. h) Management and Control Center 
  9. i) Liquid Cargo Transshipment Area 

Based on the above infrastructures and the international practice of corresponding freight stations, the Concession Area is expected to offer services in trains, wagons and cargo. The related services in trains and wagons generally concern their arrangement and parking at the station and other maintenance, repair and washing services.


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