Three bids were submitted for the new waste treatment unit in the Achaia region. The tender was successfully completed on March 27 and the tenders are expected to be unsealed on April 3. According to information from, the companies that submitted a proposal are Mesogeos, TERNA Energy and Helector (a company of the Ellactor group). After the bids are revealed, the picture will become clearer on whether the companies went for it alone or as leaders of alliances.

The Contracting Authority of the project is SYDISA Achaias, which managed to complete the tender in a short period of time. The project appeared to be mired in litigation for the time being, but the issues were overcome and the project entered the final stretch for the selection of a contractor. The tender was completed in less than 10 months, a testament to the thorough organization and work that went into the process.

This is one of the largest waste management projects launched in Greece as its budget can even reach 92.8 million euros (115 million value including VAT), with the right of option retained by the developer.

The construction and six-month trial operation of the unit has a budget of 36 million euros including VAT. and the funding will come from YMEPERAA 2014-2020. In addition, the normal six-year operation of the project has a budget of 18.99 million euros. The amount will be covered 100% by SYDISA Achaia’s own resources.

Project ID

The project envisages the construction of a Solid Waste Treatment Unit (SWTP) within the Floka Landfill, in the Municipality of Western Achaia, with a total capacity of 53,032 tons of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) per year. It includes all the necessary infrastructure and the supply of mobile equipment. A Bio-Waste Processing Unit (WWTP) with a capacity of 8,113 tons per year will also be built within the field.

Also, the construction of the project includes the preparation of the application study, the supply of mobile equipment and the trial operation of the project for 6 months. The scope of the contract also includes the normal operation of the infrastructure for six years. The contract also provides for: a) Right of option for an additional six years of operation of the project and b) Right of option for expansion of the facilities and/or additional equipment, according to the Technical Description.

The new infrastructure is planned to serve the waste of the Municipalities of Erymanthos, Western Achaia and Patras.

Project technical features

The contract is mixed, and includes two distinct parts. The first part provides for the construction and 6-month trial operation of the project. Part B includes the service of normal operation of the project for six years.

The Solid Waste Management Association (SY.DI.SA.) of the Prefecture of Achaia reserves the right to unilaterally modify the contract in the part that concerns:

• Normal operation for an additional period of six years (option).
• Works to expand the facilities and/or additional equipment, according to the technical description, with the aim of adapting the WTU to the requirements of the ESDA and the relevant PESDA, either by producing secondary fuel, or increasing the capacity of the bio-waste treatment lines and respectively by reducing the components, or by choosing another method, depending on the applied technologies, in order to reduce the residue for burial, recycling and recovery, the facility to contribute to the gradual achievement of the goals of the ESDA for 2030.


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