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How the new VOAK motorway in Crete is to be constructed – The final project plan



The competitions for VOAK have moved towards the 2nd phase. By decision of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the issue of Invitation to Participate in Dialogue, Stage B.I of Phase B of the International Competition was approved with the Competitive Dialogue procedure for the award of the Public-Private Partnership Agreement of the project “VOROS / STUDY, CONSTRUCTION, FINANCING, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OF THE PENINSULA – NEAPOLI DEPARTMENT, WITH PPP ».

This means that in the next period the 5 groups that claim the project will be invited to participate in Phase B. These are:


The approval of the invitation is also expected for the part of the concession from Chania to Hersonissos. It is to be reminded that 5 schemes participate in this:


The competition started in 2018 and in 2019 the pre-selection phase was completed with the approval of participation of all groups that expressed interest.

The financing of the project has “locked”

With yesterday’s announcement of the projects of the Recovery Fund, it became known that a large amount of funding is included for VOAK, which ensures the construction and overall implementation of the project from end to end.

It is one of the projects that the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport had as its main goal as the low loads on most of the Northern Road Axis of Crete, made the project particularly difficult to finance.

Now, with the 427 million euros that were secured for the construction of the project, the completion of VOAK is taking shape, which translates as a great success for the ministry and the government.

Out of this sum, about 200 million euros will go to the concession section (Chania-Hersonissos), 90 million euros to the PPP (Hersonissos-Neapoli).

The Neapoli-Agios Nikolaos section is also in the process of implementation

Another great news is that an amount close to 145 million euros was approved for the department of VOAK Neapoli-Agios Nikolaos. This section, the third axis, is to be constructed as a public project.

As it is a mature project, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport will be able to start its bidding procedures in the next period and definitely in 2021.

With its inclusion in the Recovery Fund, a relevant report by is confirmed once again. The studies are largely complete: the final hydraulic study has been completed, the final road construction study is ready for approval by the ministry and for approval, while the technical studies are very advanced. In total, the project has approved environmental conditions since 2012 and its cost is estimated at 145 million euros.

VΟΑΚ from Kissamos to Agios Nikolaos

It should be recalled that with the commitment of the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, in the Chania-Hersonissos concession section, the Kissamos-Chania section was added as an option, creating a transverse axis on the north coast of the island that will connect 5 major port cities (Kissa , Rethymno, Heraklion, Agios Nikolaos). In addition, accompanying projects with VOAK will connect the two central airports, Chania and Kasteli.

Specifically for Kastelli, the TERNA-GMR JSC that has undertaken the construction of the new airport, has in the object of construction an 18km highway for the connection of the airport with the BOAK at the height of Hersonissos.

According to the plan of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the project will be able to start by 2023 and be completed gradually by the end of the current decade.

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