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Thessaloniki Metro: Trial runs of the trains to start in the depot facilities



Attiko Metro SA steps up the construction for Thessaloniki Metro projects. After a period of reorganization and change of plans, works are once again starting to intensify.

According to Attiko Metro Managing Director, Mr. Nikos Kouretas, there are 400 employees currently working at the constuction sites. Speaking at, the head of Attiko Metro, commented on the preparations for the operation Pylea Depot.

In fact, he said that “the big goal is in the end of summer or in early autumn for our management and employees to move there. These days we are waiting for the facilities to be electrified in order for the first trials of the trains, that are already there, to start. At the same time construction works and the installation of the electromechanical equipment are under way, superstructure works are almost complete, we are at the final stage of works there.”

According to Mr. Kouretas, there is something extra for the trains to be able to operate and this is the software since we are talking about autonomous trains with escorts and not drivers. With its installation, the trains will “come alive” and Pylea Depot will be ready to start its service.

It is worth noting that automatic trains are a big innovation for Thessaloniki Metro. They will be certainly better than those in Athens as they have incorporated all technological developments in the metropolitan railway industry.



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