In November, the basic line of the Thessaloniki metro will begin operation, and in the study for its expansion conducted by the company “Hellenic Metro,” priority is given to covering Northwestern Thessaloniki. As a result, this specific area will finally come out of decades of isolation, emphasized Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

“In six months from now, we will be able to deliver to the citizens of Thessaloniki, as well as visitors, the most modern, and most likely, certainly the most beautiful metro of any European city. And I say this in a city that has been greatly tested by expectations that were disappointed in the past. The Thessaloniki Metro is finally becoming a reality,” emphasized the Prime Minister during his speech at the event for the presentation of the Metro Expansion Study, which took place at the Karapantsio Cultural Center in Ampelokipi.

This study envisions the construction of two metro lines by 2040, with a total length of 48 kilometers and 44 stations, covering the entire urban complex of Thessaloniki and the surrounding area. It will serve 678,000 passengers daily.

The Prime Minister said that discussions about these projects should not be politicized under any circumstances because, as he noted, “the data will indicate where we need to extend the metro and with what priority the next projects should be planned.”

He also emphasized that the European Union’s impact on these projects is evident, and this should be considered by voters who will go to the polls in the European elections on June 9th.

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