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Thessaloniki Metro starts taking form



The construction of Thessaloniki Metro advances rapidly. had the opportunity to see the progress of the works at a close range and report it for you. Today the project is believed to follow a tight schedule that will lead to its expected operation in November 2020.

Currently, one of the interesting aspects of the construction is the installation of the tracks, starting from Syntrivani Station. Theoretically, in 2019 the tracks will have been laid up to Nea Elvetia Station and the Depot, making it possible for the first trains’ trial operation to begin. At Syntrivani Station, there will be a so-called crossover, i.e. an intersection where trains will be able to change line, towards the opposite direction, as long as the particular station will be functioning as a terminal.

Stations, with slight differences, are at a very advanced stage of construction. Marbles have started being placed in many of them, that are aesthetically really similar to the ones in Athens (in white and burgundy hues). The most advanced station is Efklidis.

Thessaloniki Metro is “multinational” in terms of materials’ and supplies’ procurement. For example, the sleepers have been ordered by a Greek company, the tracks come from Spain, the trains from Italy and the security doors from the UK.

Thessaloniki Metro, as opposed to Athens, will be operating from Day 1 with an electronic “smart” ticketing system. Although the initial study did not provide for it, the necessary arrangements were made in order for it to be in place from the beginning of the system’s operation. Another very important and interesting element is that Athens and Thessaloniki Metro cards will be compatible with each other, making all that a passenger needs to charge the tickets with desired time and monetary value.

In 2018, precursory works for the two extensions of the metro system to the West, to Kordelio and Efkarpia, are expected to be launched. According to, a decision has been made for a new U-shaped line, utilizing the above-mentioned 2 extensions, starting from Kordelio, passing from New Railway Station, ending at Efkarpia, thus covering almost completely the Western side of the city. 

The first completed train of Thessaloniki Metro is expected to be demonstrated during Thessaloniki International Fair 2018.



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