The Thessaloniki Metro is moving towards the future with a new design that includes the development of two lines. The planned expansions aim to extend the network to Nea Evkarpia, Evosmos, Toumba, Charilaou, the KTEL bus station, Macedonia Airport in Peraia, and Therma. In total, beyond the 13+5 stations that the main line currently has, an additional 26 stations are planned for construction, significantly extending the Thessaloniki Metropolitan Railway network.

The presentation held yesterday by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Christos Staikouras, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Nikos Tachiaos, and the head of Elliniko Metro, Nikos Kouretas, has lifted the spirits of the people of Thessaloniki. Eighteen years after the signing of the contract for the main line and the difficulties the city has endured, both in terms of transportation and aesthetics, the time has come for its operation and future planning that will extend the Metro to many new areas of the city.

A key aspect of the new design is the creation of a second line, which will serve the western suburbs, the city center, and the northeastern suburbs of the city. Additionally, the main line is planned to be extended towards Stavroupoli-Nea Evkarpia and towards Macedonia Airport.

In its final form, projected for 2040, the Thessaloniki Metro will have 44 stations and span 48 kilometers. It is estimated that it will serve 680,000 passengers daily. The expansions were based on the Thessaloniki Metro Development Study conducted during the period 2021-2023, and its presentation took place yesterday.

The new Line 2

The second line that will traverse the urban complex of Thessaloniki is quite “generous” in its design. It is presented with a green color and boasts interesting features. In total, it will include 17 new stations over 18.41 kilometers and will operate the route ANO EVOSMOS or KORDELIO-AGIA KYRIAKI.

Essentially, it comprises two branches towards the west with 8 stations and 10.75 kilometers. The first branch runs from the New Railway Station to Evosmos and includes the following stations: New Railway Station (connecting with Line 1), AMPELOKIPOI, MENEMENI, EVOSMOS, PERIFEREIAKI, ANO EVOSMOS, while at the end of the line, there will be the new Depot that will serve this new line.

The second western branch also starts from the New Railway Station and extends to Kordelio. It shares the stations AMPELOKIPOI, and then continues with the stations KTEL MAKEDONIAS, EPTANISOU, and KORDELIO.

Next, we have the central section of the line, where it will connect with the NEW RAILWAY STATION and the station DEMOKRATIAS of Line 1, and then the route is planned to proceed underground from Tsimiski Street. It will have the station ARISTOTELUS at the heart of the city on the main square, continue with the station HANTH, and will reconnect with Line 1 at the station PANEPHISTIMIO, which becomes a transportation hub of the city. It will be the only station to have two levels and will serve both lines, similar to Athens.

The western section of the new line includes the stations AGIOS DIMITRIOS, TOUMBA, CHARILAOY, and terminates with the station AGIA KYRIAKI.

The main Line 1 and its extensions

Moving on to the main line, not much changes compared to what we already knew. In November, the main line NEW RAILWAY STATION-NEA ELVETIA is expected to be delivered, and in 2025, the second branch NEW RAILWAY STATION-25TH MARTIOU-MIKRA will be completed. Then, extensions to the west and east are planned.

The next chronological expansion the city will experience is towards the northwest. It’s worth noting that this essentially entails a restoration of the original expansion towards the area as it existed until 2015, abolishing the plan for a circular line.

This expansion is particularly important as it will serve the densely populated areas of the city located in this region. The line will stretch from DEMOKRATIAS station and reach Papageorgiou Hospital with 6 stations and 7.96 km. It will share DEMOKRATIAS station and then have the stations NEAPOLI, TERPSITHEA, STAVROUPOLI, POLICHNI, EVKARPIA, PAPAGEORGIOU HOSPITAL. Additionally, another depot is planned to cater to the increased needs of the line.

Finally, there is also a planned extension to the airport with a slightly modified route. It will be an extension of the branch towards Kalamaria and will include 6 stations and 8.72 km. It will start after the terminal station MIKRA and will include the stations: SCHOLI POLEMU, PATRIARCHIKA, DIABALKANIKA, GEORGIKI SCHOLI, AIRPORT, and will terminate at the CENTER OF INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY (ThessINTEC). A future extension to Thermi is also planned from the PATRIARCHIKA station.


In the Kalamaria extension, the starting station is 25 MARTIOU, and then there are the stations: NOMARCHIA, KALAMARIA, ARETSOU, NEA KRINI, MIKRA.

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