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Thessaloniki Metro: First TBM to set off for its next underground journey soon



Although the construction of Thessaloniki’s Metro Main Line is the focal point in the public eye, the extension to Kalamaria is as interesting and much less problematic.

TBMs, after managing to dig the very challenging Main Line tunnels of Thessaloniki Metro, are about to start the second major perforation concerning the branch to Kalamaria by the end of May 2017. According to well-informed sources of, the first TBM is already set for this 4.8-km long journey, to meet the Main Line.

The second TBM, for reasons of safe and trouble-free tunneling, will start 2 months later towards the same direction. The target is for the tunnels to be completed in 18 months, which poses a record-time challenge for Greek standards.

It will surely be a challenge, not only for the hardware credibility of the 2 TBMs but also for the contractor, AKTOR that will be tested for its time performance domestically, as abroad it has already accomplished fast tunneling.

Next major goal would be for the Main Line to operate by 2020 and Line 2 (Kalamaria branch), one year later, in 2021.



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