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Thessaloniki Metro: Extension request by the contractor until March 2025 “if no solution is reached”



A surprising announcement regarding an extension request -until March 2025- has been made by the construction consortium (AIASA) for the never-ending project of Thessaloniki Metro.

As the Chairman of Attiko Metro, Mr. Nikos Tachiaos revealed while speaking at a conference in Thessaloniki, the contractor has submitted a request to Attiko Metro for an extension of the overall project deadline until March 2025 (and more particularly by 1,567 calendar days), provided that the project proceeds at the current pace.

It is reminded that the solution that has been chosen is the preservation of the antiquities. For his part, Mr. Tachiaos assured that Thessaloniki will have a completed Main Line with an operational Venizelou Station by April 2023.

He also noted that “it is wrong to blame the removal and repositioning of the antiquities from Venizelos Station as this process will ensure their integrity, instead of remaining in situ during the construction.

What does the consortium say?

For its part, the consortium, according to reports, says that the operation the Thessaloniki Metro Main Line is feasible in April 2023, under conditions.

It also claims that even thought it managed to resolve the issues that had come up at Aghia Sofia Station, this was not the case with Venizelos Station, where a substantial solution has not been given yet.

Indeed, while noting that when SYRIZA was in power, Thessaloniki Metro unblocked and proceeded rapidly and efficiently for at least 3 years, in any case, it wouldn’t be possible for it to be ready before April 2022, even without Venizelos Station.

At this point, it is also reminded that a few days ago the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Mr. Kostas Karamanlis, pointed out in the Parliament that “if we don’t go to the solution of the antiquities’ removal, we risk missing the deadlines and then the country will be in danger of losing funds”, stressing that “The government wants both Metro and anttiquities”.




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