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Thessaloniki Metro: Expropriations ready to go forward at “Nea Elvetia” transport hub



Συρμός Μετρό Θεσσαλονίκης

Intervention – a solution to the problem of expropriations for the needs of the metro in Thessaloniki was given by the Ministry of Interior in order to create the common spaces desired by the municipality.

In particular, according to the letter of thanks sent by the mayor of Thessaloniki, Konstantinos Zervas, to the Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior, Michalis Stavrianoudakis, 12 million euros were given by the ministry for the implementation of the creation of a multimodal Transfer Station “Nea Elvetia” at the Metro.

In particular, the mayor’s letter of thanks to the general secretary emphasizes his immediate response, support and decisive assistance in the difficult task of the Municipal authority for the acquisition of the necessary common areas in the area of ​​the Thessaloniki Metro terminal at Nea Elvetia.

This area has remained undeveloped until today as the expropriations of private lands, the opening of Psellou Street and the creation of a green space in a statutory area were impossible to carry out due to the financial weakness of the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

With the funding of 12 million euros to the Municipality of Thessaloniki from the Ministry of Interior, the conditions are ensured, through the necessary expropriations of private lands, in combination with the lands already owned by the Municipality and the Greek State, for the creation of a multimodal Transfer Station of modern features and a hub point of reference with the possibility of serving the passengers of the entire eastern area of ​​Thessaloniki who travel by Metro to and from the Nea Elvetia station.



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