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Thessaloniki Metro: tender for the operation and maintenance PPP project coming up this summer



Συρμός Μετρό Θεσσαλονίκης

The planning for the initiation process for the tender of the PPP project concerning the operation and maintenance of the Metro network in Thessaloniki is progressing step by step. After the approval by the Interministerial PPP Committee for the implementation of the project, Attiki Metro is starting a tender for the recruitment of a Technical Consultant for the maturing of the procedures.

The contract worth 147,000 euros with VAT (110,000 without VAT) is addressed to services related to:

-Cooperation with other assigning authorities for coordination issues related to the operation of transport in Thessaloniki.

-Support of Attiki Metro for performance indicators related to infrastructure and rolling stock, route accuracy, accessibility, information, quality of services, reporting, security etc.

-Support in the drafting of the technical part of the tender documents

-Study and commentary of the risk sharing panel

-Study and commentary from the point of view of the proposed project implementation structure

-Support of the Attica Metro throughout the competition

-Providing consulting services and support in all the necessary procedures for the drafting and signing of the final contract as well as the loan agreements


-Collaboration with financial and legal advisors

-Support of Attiki Metro during the cooperation with the central administration and the other bodies responsible for the project.

We should bear in mind that Attiki Metro has already hired a Legal and Financial Advisor for the PPP project and with the hiring of the Technical Advisor, it  completes the process of preparing for the beginning of the tender process.

The goal of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and of the Attica Metro is the process to start during summer and the signing of the contract provided for in the first half of 2023.

In our country, OASA and TRAINOSE could potentially show interest.

What does the contractor undertake

The contractor for the operation and maintenance of the metro network will undertake for 12 years the maintenance of the 18 stations (main line and extension to Kalamaria), the tunnels, the stations, the operation of the metro, its energy costs and the management of the fare collection system.

The contractor submitted with the Attiko Metro (which for the first time played a role in the operation of the metro, as until today it is limited to the construction project), who will undertake the supervision of the contractor and the management of the revenue from the tickets (possibly more), the payment to the contractor of the capital payment, which is estimated at 37.25 million euros (292 million euros in total of 12 years) and the return to the State of the rest.

The operation of the Metro is estimated to start at the end of 2023, first with the main line (Neos Sidirodromikos stathmos – Nea Elvetia) and then the 2nd line concerning the Kalamaria line (Neos Sidirodromikos Stathmos – Mikra).



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