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These are the new road tunnels of Athens



Focusing on the southern suburbs of Athens and the major renovations that are taking place or are about to take place, new road tunnels are coming that will transform the image of the city and aspire to improve our transportation in it. Faliro but even more so, Elliniko will become the new points of interest of the capital and the traffic conditions will change manually if there are no these planned interventions.

In the area of Faliro, we are already in the process of creating two “pseudo-tunnels”. In the first phase of the reconstruction works of Faliriko Bay, we saw in the place of the free avenue Poseidonos, a new one being created but with a significant difference, two ground tunnels currently dominate the section between SEF and the contribution with L. Syggrou.

Today they do not seem to make sense but in the complete form of intervention over these tunnels a large coastal park of 240 acres will be created. In the design of the project, in order to achieve a unification with the area of Faliro and Kallithea, it was chosen to “cover” two sections of the highway.

This led to the construction of these two small tunnels and when the intervention is completed it will be under the park. At the same time, under the park is planned to be the creation of parking spaces for those who choose this destination so as not to “suffocate” the surrounding alleys.


The second and third phases of the project are estimated to be implemented by the Attica Region within the next three years. This new coastal park will be connected via Esplanada with the Cultural Center Stavros Niarchos Foundation, creating together with the area of Floisvos, a single recreation area that will start from SEF and will end in Paleo Faliro.

Poseidonos Avenue is tunneled

Another extremely interesting case is the tunneling that will take place in a section of Poseidonos Avenue. It is part of the first phase projects for the development of Elliniko and envisages the underground section that starts from the Alimos-Agios Kosmas border and will be raised again at the height of the Marina of Elliniko.

The project aims to connect the area of Agios Kosmas with the coastal front as there is planned the creation of the tourist area of Elliniko. The Tram line will remain as it is and will be connected to Vouliagmeni Avenue passing through the area of the investment. The length of the tunnel will be about 3 km and will include 3 lanes per traffic stream, which are the same today. This is a very complex project due to its size and proximity to the sea.

The urban tunnel of Ilioupoli

Another new tunneling, but with a completely new axis, envisages a plan of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport for the expansion of the Western Peripheral Ymittos in the context of the extensions of Attiki Odos. This project is of great interest as it will decongest the interconnection of the southa and north suburbs of the city through Kareas Avenue. What is provided there? The extension of Attiki Odos from the height of Katehaki to Vouliagmeni Avenue through a new “urban tunnel”.

According to information, the construction of a tunnel a little over 3 km long, with 3 lanes per traffic stream, without exits, has started as a concept, which will be lowered at the height of Kaisariani (where the Western Peripheral of Ymittos ends today) and will end in connection with Vouliagmeni Avenue at the height of the border of Agios Dimitrios and Ilioupoli, a little south of the Metro station of Agios Dimitrios. The journey will take about 1-2 minutes when today it often takes up to 30 minutes at peak hours.


The new road tunnels are not limited to these as there are others that are under planning, but no decision has been made yet. One of them could be the famous Argyroupolis Tunnel that will connect the southern suburbs with the Mediterranean, a matter of a few minutes. A tunnel is also being discussed for the expansion of Attiki Odos in Rafina, but the plan isn’t yet finalized.




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