2021 so far shows that it continues the cycle that opened last year with the pandemic. In this transitional year, between vaccinations, quarantine and “release” from coronavirus bondage, the major projects in the country have clearly been affected.

Despite the fact that construction sites have remained open throughout the pandemic, there is still a difficulty, in the transportation of goods and people but also in the provision of services.

In addition, there are strict safety measures that make a difficult task inherently more difficult, and every time COVID-19 cases occur, the difficulty in the operation of construction sites multiplies.

However, in the planning of this year, there are important projects that are coming to completion, and part of them is estimated – with the current data – to have been completed by the summer.

One of the most important is the project of the underwater water pipeline in Aegina that will be delivered in the summer. At the same time, the Attica Region is evaluating the completion of the first phase of the large projects for the regeneration of Faliriko Bay.

In the summer, it is estimated that the projects for the waste treatment plants in Boeotia, Ilia and Alexandroupolis will be completed, which will solve the problem of waste management in the prefectures of their area.

The extension of the Tram and 6 pedestrian bridges are completed

Earlier, in March, it is estimated that the “eternal” project concerning the extension of the Tram by 5.4 km will be delivered. It concerns the new single circular line that starts from the current end at SEF and passes through Gr. Lambraki , Vasileos Georgiou, reaches Akti Poseidonos and returns to SEF through the Ethnikis Antistaseos and Omiridis Skylitsis.

By the summer, the much-praised contract for the six pedestrian bridges on major roads in Athens will have been completed. The pedestrian bridge of Poseidonos Avenue at the height of Kalamaki is already in operation.

On the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the Greek revolution, the modern Greek state will celebrate with the opening of the National Gallery, one of the most important cultural buildings. The new building is expected to become a reference point for the celebrations and to be a new attraction for Athenians and visitors to the city.

The completion is also planned for the summer: the connection of the Ionian Road with Tzoumerka, the reconstruction of Stavrou Niarchou Street, the road project Dryopi-Galatas etc.


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