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The Tram is returning in the heart of Athens

Νίκος Καραγιάννης



Τραμ Αθήνας 2

Alea jacta est for the return of the Tram in the center of Athens as  the first test routes from Kasomouli (where the line temporarily ends today) to Vouliagmeni Avenue began today.

Also a system of sensors has already been installed, according to sources of in the tunnel under the road, in the disputed section  records the oscillations and pressures it receives, to determine if there is a danger in the use of both the tram and the roads on either side of. Yesterday, a team from STASY and the contractor company carried out the necessary latest technical inspections.

According to these sources, the results so far are encouraging and no alarming signs have been found.

Two years without the the Syntagma-Neos Kosmos section

Recall that for almost two years, the section of the Tram from Neos Kosmos to Syntagma remains closed, after the discovery of damage to the tunnel where the Ilissos River has been boxed for many decades. The closure of the line then provoked the reaction of transport experts and city officials as they believe that the exclusion of the Tram from the city center effectively cancels the existence of the vehicle.

Tram tests will continue to be conducted in the “problematic” section until there is enough data. Today one train is moving and  STASY conducts tests with the simultaneous movement of more trains. This will be done until the decision is made to reopen the department until the Constitution.

If those who claim that the Ilisos River tunnel is not affected by the Tram movement are verified, then we will see the vehicle return to the city center by the end of the year. The sensors will remain and continue to operate after the probable opening of the line for about a year, to measure and collect data for about a year.

Of course, in order for this to happen, the Municipality of Athens will have to “liberate” the lines to Vasilissis Olgas and Vasilissis Amalias in the immediate future. It should be recalled that since last June, as part of the “Great Walk”, the Tram lines were temporarily covered and turned into bicycle lanes, something that also provoked reactions and was characterized as “inappropriate.

The arrival of new Trams continues

After the delivery by Alstom of the first two new “orange” Trams in the Attica Metro, about a month ago, yesterday was received another one, while on September 24 another one is expected. On October 2 and 5, respectively, two more trains will arrive in Piraeus to reach a total of six trains, while by the end of Autumn, ten trains will be at the Hellinikon depot.

The concentration of trams in Elliniko has created a small heart attack in the area of ​​train storage as old trains that have serious damage are forced to move so that the new trains can be kept safe.

The solution will be given by the Attiko Metro tender for the expansion of the Depot to Elliniko, which starts and is expected to be completed in 2021. STASY is currently examining all possible scenarios for the smooth coexistence of the new increased Tram fleet.

The new Trams are expected to hit the streets of Athens and Piraeus from the beginning of 2021 after first having passed all safety tests and the electricians are trained apropriately.

With the new Tram fleet that will cover the new extension of the medium in the center and the port of Piraeus, it will be possible to plan more itineraries. This is part of the broader policy of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport so as to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and the availability of more trains will help to thicken the necessary Tram routes.




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