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Good news for the Thriassio Logistics Center in Western Attica after the negotiations with the EU



Φωτογραφία αρχείου - Πηγή: Unsplash

The successful completion of the difficult negotiations with the European Commission was announced by the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Costas Karamanlis in yesterday’s teleconference meeting of the board of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EVEP), which was also attended by Deputy Regional Governor Piraeus and Piraeus Piraeus.

According to the announcement of Chamber, twelve points of the contract are under review, a fact that will lead to the progress of the Thriasio Freight Center, better known as Thriasio I. The aim is for the revised contract to be approved by the Court of Auditors, to be ratified again by the Parliament and to be signed in the Autumn in order to start the emblematic work.

It should be reminded that the contract for the THEK between GAIAOSE and the ETVA VIPE-Goldair scheme has been signed since 2018 but has not yet been approved by the Commission, with the result that the ambitious project cannot start the 120 million euro projects it has undertaken by Mytilineos.

During the discussion regarding the implementation path of the projects related to the plans for Thriasio I and II, according to a post of the chamber on social media, issues related to the supply chain, the relevant infrastructure, but also the necessary interventions to be made in order to update some of them that are deemed necessary due to the new data that have emerged for logistics after the pandemic.

Mr. Caramanlis, according to the post of EVEP, stressed that the main priority is the development of the freight center of Piraeus to follow the development of others that are in the planning in relation to the improvement of the speeds of the railways.


EVEP with the assistance of his scientific advisors he sent a memorandum with proposals for the transport, traffic and bioclimatic upgrade of the whole area as well as the utilization of GAIAOSE real estate in the port of Piraeus and the former OSE factory in Lefka.

The memorandum also includes proposals for the development of “last mile logistics”, the creation of “park & ​​ride”, the “Hippodameia” food market, the sea connection between Piraeus and Elliniko, the regeneration of the Papastratos area, the Skaramaga junction, and the privileged urban planning of all production, logistics and export activities.

The president of EVEP, Vassilis Korkidis, stressed, among others, that “We have to act”,  noting the need to comply with the schedules related to transport and other infrastructure projects, which refer to the Region of Piraeus and West Attica, recalling their importance for both Piraeus business, as well as for tourism, much of which through Piraeus, is directed to island Greece.

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