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Thessaloniki Metro: working against the clock while waiting for the high court decision



The projects in the Thessaloniki Metro are depending on the key decision of the CoC regarding the construction methodology of the VENIZELOU station will judge the continuation of the project. The reasoning of the decision is expected from Attiko Metro in order to be able to proceed to the final phase of the project.

It is to be reminded that the detachment and relocation study has been submitted for approval since last July. At the moment, the excavations are proceeding from the side of the Bezesteni, to the southern access and have reached the period of the Great Fire of Thessaloniki, at the beginning of the last century.

The laying of the lines is advancing

The laying of the lines is proceeding at a fast pace  and according to information, in the section Fountain-Depot of Pylaia, about 6 km long, there are about 300 meters left for paving, which largely concern the branches of the lines.

At the same time, the paving of the lines in the western part of the line from the New Railway Station to the Fountain is progressing. A General assessment by Attiko Metro, is that by the summer the laying of the double line will be completed, as well as the installation in both directions of the so-called “third” line, which is the one that “feeds” the Metro trains with electricity.

The goal,  that the test routes will start in September, remains. At this point in time, the countdown for the operation of the baseline will begin as it takes about 18 months of exhaustive testing to certify the operational capacity of the system. This applies not only to trains but also to the operation of signaling, dock doors and other E / M systems.

Coronavirus and the consortium

The pandemic has affected the whole country and the project could not be an exception, where there have been – fortunately few – cases. Due to the pandemic, the work is done with special care and observing all the relevant precautions.

At the forefront of the consortium now, the change in the management of Ellactor and then AKTOR, creates hopes that the works will intensify even more so that the Metro can be completed on time.

In addition to the paving works, the works for the installation of security doors, the construction of sidewalks, the installation of fire extinguishing systems, grilles, air ducts, cables and curtain doors are also underway.




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