At the end of next week, ie in the middle of July more or less, the test operation for the extension of Metro line 3 to the Dimotiko Theatro of Piraeus will begin, as announced on Wednesday, June 29, the CEO of Attiko Metro, Nikos Kouretas from the podium of the conference Green Deal organized by TEE and

As Mr. Kouretas said, the date of their delivery in full operation will be announced very soon, while he noted the contribution of the Metro to the green development and the improvement of everyday life.

At the same time, he said that the two TBMs of line 4 will be received soon which will be assembled to start the excavation of the new line, while it is the end of 2023 that he placed the commercial operation for the Thessaloniki Metro.

“With the three stations of Piraeus, which we will provide in the next two months, lines 2 and 3 will serve over one million passengers, which means that 200,000 fewer cars per day will circulate in Athens and carbon dioxide will be reduced by 880 tons. Respectively, in Thessaloniki we expect to have 310,000 passengers per day, 55,000 fewer cars and 140 tons less carbon dioxide “.

Let us also be reminded that a few days ago the CEO of AVAX (leader of the consortium for the construction of the extension to Piraeus together with Ghella-Alstom) had estimated that the extension with the stations MANIATIKA, PIRAEUS, DIMOTIKO THEATRO will be operational for the public by mid September .

The extension of a total length of 7.5 kilometers “broke” into two deliveries. In 2020, the first half was put into operation with the stations AGIA VARVARA, KORYDALLOS and NIKEA while the construction of the second half continued.

With this extension the Metro will directly connect the port with the center and the Airport offering better services to its passengers. It is estimated that the distance Piraeus-Airport with line 3 of the Athens Metro, will be completed in about an hour.

The contribution of the Metro

N. Kouretas stressed the contribution of the metro in reducing accidents and energy consumed per passenger, in upgrading the environment for passengers through renovations and tree planting (something that is done for the first time for a fixed track project), the service of basic structures such as hospitals.

Finally, Mr. Kouretas stated that soon, citizens will see that in line 4 the fences of the construction sites will be changed.

“You will soon see that there will be works of art on the fences, while the colors that will be used will come from a Greek start up with the property of absorbing pollutants.”


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