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Athens Metro: studies for the new extensions to the west and northwest suburbs to start soon



Two more future extensions of the Athens Metro are being investigated. More specifically and according to information, on January 18th the contract was signed for the elaboration of the topographic studies concerning the extensions of line 4 to Petroupoli and line 2 to Ano Liossia.

The contract was awarded by Attiko Metro to the company with the name “E. KONSTANTINOU-CH. RODOPOULOS AND ASSOCIATES EU.” and the distinctive title “ANTAIOS MELETITIKI EE”

The estimated value of the contract is 358,000 euros (excluding VAT). The duration of the studies is set at 15 months and the contract will be financed by the Public Investment Program. The relevant competition was held on July 11, 2019.

Where the topographic studies will be done

This combined contract as we said above concerns two line extensions. The first is the extension of Line 4 from the Veikos Grove to Petroupoli, while the second is the final extension of Line 2 from Agios Nikolaos (Ilion) to the Ano Liossia Suburban Station. It should be reminded that the extension of line 2 from Anthoupolis to Agios Nikolaos, has been announced by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Costas Karamanlis, and has entered the auction trajectory for 2022.

More detailed topographic studies will be carried out in the western extension of Line 4, at a length of approximately 8 km but also at the locations of the 6 planned new underground stations: NEA IONIA – not related to the existing line 1), PERISSOS (connection with Line 1) , NEW PHILADELPHIA, Pyrgos Vasilisis(connection with Suburban Railway), ILION (connection with Line 2),Petroupoli.

Also topographic studies in the extension of Line 2, in a length of 4km but also in the locations of the 2 new planned underground stations: KAMATERO, ANO LIOSIA (connection with Suburban Railway).

The same contract includes topographic studies on Line 2 in the extension to Ilion and specifically in a length of 600 meters between the stations ANTHOUPOLI and PALATIANI.

The topographic survey will include all streets, sidewalks, squares, parks, islets, flower beds, in their width and length.

The future projects of Attiko Metro are increasing

This is the first attempt made for the maturation of future Metro projects, in order at some point in the future, having found the necessary funding to go to implementation.

The microscope of Attiko Metro has included other extensions such as the southern and final extension of line 2 to Glyfada and the branch of line 1 from Petralona to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. These two extensions are under investigation and it is estimated that from 2022 there will be more developments regarding their fate.

At the same time, the further expansion of line 4 in the northern suburbs is being examined, covering at the same time Kifissias Avenue (six stations in total). This is an extension with 8 stations that starts from Faros Psychikou and ends at the National Road at the height of Lykovrisi.

The Faliro-Piraeus underground

Finally, the undergrounding scenario of line 1 from Faliro to Piraeus is “alive”, a project that is strongly claimed by the Municipality of Piraeus. Here an attempt is made to redesign the axis leading from the SEF to the port.

With the undergrounding of the lines, a new avenue that will be able to serve the traffic from and to the big port will be created, while it will also decongest the traffic that is created in the central web of the city.

It is estimated that after the update of its studies the project will be able to be included in the NSRF 2021-2027 and then it will be auctioned.




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