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Tender for another big railway upgrade project in Attica to take place in 2021



In 2021, the auction for the upgrade of the SKA-Oinoi section which is part of the main railway corridor Athens-Thessaloniki-Eidomeni and includes a new railway station in Kryoneri, will be sought. The studies are in the final stage of completion and according to information, upon their completion, the process of financing by the NSRF will begin in order to be subsequently auctioned. This is a project that is part of the broader planning of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and concerns the modernization of rail transport.

In this section, there is a problem in the infrastructure of the lines in the length of 52 km (from Menidi to Oinoi) and as a result there are interruptions in the speed of the passing passenger and freight trains, and therefore overall delays. It must be noted that the line interruption is not required for the execution of the project. The contracting authority of the project is ERGOSE. The cost of the auction is estimated at around 95 million euros and is one of the largest new railway projects of this programming period.

What the studies include

The studies started at the end of 2018 and are funded by the NSRF 2014-2020. Topographic, Transportation, Hydraulic, Technical, Architectural, electromechanical, geological-geophysical, geotechnical and environmental studies were carried out. At the end, the tender documents will be prepared. The object of the study also includes the provision of Consultant services for the preparation of the now well-known Large Project File and concerns: Feasibility Study, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Environmental Study, Technical Report, Railway Documentation Report.

The main object of the project is the upgrade and widening of the existing infrastructure, in order to improve / restore its bearing capacity, to ensure a sufficient range for the construction of the new infrastructure and to upgrade the gauge of the railway line in accordance with the current regulations and standards, to meet the requirements of Interoperability.

The creation of new overpass lines – especially for commercial trains – is also envisaged with the aim of increasing the capacity of the network, according to the current TSI. The tunnel will be reconstructed in the area of Agios Stefanos, in order to ensure the necessary gauge for the circulation of goods trains of a wide range.

New railway station in Kryoneri

The renovation of the key SS Oinois is foreseen with rearrangement, development, and implementation of a new improved line while a new Railway Station will be added to the network in the area of Kryoneri and transfer of the Inofyta station.

Ano Odi Crossing will also be constructed near the SS. Agios Stefanos, a new commercial quay inside the SS Agios Stefanos. The existing bonus in the department will be replaced, in order to improve the operational condition of the line.

In addition to the above and outside the S.S. SKA – S.S. Oinoi, the study for the construction of a new pedestrian crossing and Lower Road Crossing of vehicles in the existing SS is foreseen. Aliartou (located about 48km after SS Oinoi) to improve traffic safety.

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