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ERGOSE: another railway signaling project to be auctioned soon



ERGOSE puts the railway projects up for auction one by one. Following yesterday’s announcement for the auction of the electrification project on the Larissa-Volos railway section, another project has been announced.

Thus, the project for the installation of signaling and ETCS at the Thessaloniki-Eidomeni railway section will be auctioned. This is a great project that completes the upgrade of this line, which connects Greece with the Western Balkans and consequently with Central and Western Europe.

ERGOSE for this purpose, by the decision of the Board committed the amount of 56.7 million euros (amount with VAT, amount without VAT 45.62 million euros) to proceed with the announcement of the relevant tender. The financing of the project will be covered by the NSRF 2014-2020 through the OP. ΥME-PERAA.


The amounts planned to be absorbed per year are: 9.92 million euros for 2021, 18.6 million euros for 2022, 18.6 million euros for 2023 and 9.61 million euros for 2024, which is also the year that -according to the assessment of the administration- the project will be completed.

This activity is a result of the intensive work that has been done by Christos Vinis and his staff and which is now giving results, i.e. the production of new works.

The next projects for ERGOSE that are expected to be announced are the 2nd phase of the central station of Athens and the project of completion and operation of the new double railway line Aigio (Rododafni) -Rio.

These 4 projects in total have a budget of almost 300 million euros and are estimated to attract the interest of many important technical companies in the country.



At the same time, according to information from, the executives of ERGOSE have joined seminars in order to integrate BIM (Building Information Modeling) in the production processes of railway projects by the company. This will “transport” projects to the digital age from which they can be more properly costed, managed and implemented.

The technology of BIM has already been integrated into the Attiko Metro since 2017 and is the modus operandi for the design the and implementation of public works as well as the critical infrastructure that the country seems to be headed.





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