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The “pool” of the new generation, large-scale projects of Greece



With projects that have been discussed in the past but have not yet been implemented, a “pool” of new projects in our country is being filled by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. Most of them are railway projects while road projects also seem to have a strong presence in this list.

In the field of concessions there does not seem to be much mobility except for the two projects for the northern section of the E65 Motorway (Trikala-Egnatia Motorway) and the extension of Olympia Odos to the southwest, the so-called Patras-Pyrgos Motorway. However, VOAK is being prepared, which will be the biggest concession project for the current decade. The tender, according to recent statements, will be activated in 2021 after the relevant studies have matured.

Remaining in the area of road-related projects, we also have the PPPs, where the inter-ministerial committee is preparing to approve the big project of Thessaloniki Flyover, the new elevated axis in the eastern part of the city’s ring road. According to Government officials, the project will be announced next September.

We are anticipate the preparation of the new tender for the extensions of Attiki Odos, which includes the maintenance-operation of the existing motorway. As it seems, the connection with Rafina, the extension of Kymis Ave., the urban tunnel Katechaki Ave.-Vouliagmenis Ave. and possibly the tunnel that will connect the area of Argyroupoli with Koropi are prioritized. However, it is not a tender that we are going to see soon.

Additionally, in the Ministry there are some other road projects that are being prepared, such as Chalkida Bypass.

Regarding railway projects, there is a great mobility for many projects. As it has been announced by ERGOSE, the projects were divided into those that will proceed through the process of the competitive dialogue and those that will proceed through NSRF.

Major visionary projects such as the new line Thessaloniki-Kavala-Xanthi, Rio-Patras, the extensions of Athens Suburban Railway to Rafina and Lavrio and the line Alexandroupoli-Ormenio, are included in the first category.

In the second category we see “known” projects such as the contract for the completion of Aigio-Rio railway section, Phase B construction works of the Athens Central Railway Stations and the electrification on Thessaloniki-Promachonas, Kiato-Aigio and Larissa-Volos sections.

What hasn’t still been shaped is a plan for the future development of Athens and Thessaloniki Metro systems. In Athens, in addition to the high-profile case of the first section of Line 4, we have at a more mature stage the extension of Line 2 to Ilion, the undergrounding of Line 1 -on Faliro-Piraeus section- and more recently the extensions to Glyfada (Line 2) and Syngrou Ave. (in order to servive SNFCC, that have been added to the agenda.

In Thessaloniki, things are more or less clear. We have the extension to the west of the city and the extension to the Airport. Here, we are waiting with interest future extensions to new locations of the metropolitan complex .

It seems that the projects for Elefsina-Yliki road axis remain out of the agenda due to implications of adjacent motorhways. The same applies for Ioannina-Kakavia, the northern extension of Ionia Motorway, due to lack of funding.



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