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The challenges for the Infrastructure Ministry projects



As the “riddle” of the Metro Line 4 tender has been solved, one can see that there are projects in the country that can proceed in the near future. The project is expected to be signed by next March and the construction period to begin. Earlier, by the beginning of December, it is estimated that sweep contract for the Aktio-Amvrakia road will be signed.

These two projects were the “corner stones” of the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Costas Karamanlis, who managed to put them on the road to implementation. Of course, challenges and bets abound in this productive ministry.

The next big goal is the launch of a series of railway projects that have been in the queue for auction for a long time and now the start of the relevant tenders is achievable.

Attiki Odos

Another big bet is “Attiki Odos”. The new tender for the existing axis may have been lost but the extensions have been activated. The most probable goal of the Mi is to join the Recovery Fund since they have the characteristics required to be financed. The urban tunnel Katehaki-Vouliagmeni and the extensions of Kimi to Rafina are projects with great added value.

Chalkida Bypass  and the Thessaloniki Flyover

Among the major road projects of the ministry, however, both the Chalkida Bypass and the fly-over of the Thessaloniki Region are two more projects that the market expects. The first has been delayed due to negotiations, but the second has qualified as a PPP and at the end of the month the relevant process begins.

Flood Works

In the flood works, we see one by one the projects being signed (Eschatias, Erasinou, Giannouas) and some more projects are in the line to be implemented, closing last year’s famous dozen.

Motorway projects

Also the next projects that the ministry wants to send on a track of implementation are the VOAK, Patras-Pyrgos, and the northern part of E65, Trikala-Egnatia. Apart from BOAK that we expect to activate the 2018 tender, the other two seem to start construction in 2021.

Paros Airport

The auction of the new upgrade of Paros airport is expected very soon. We are also leading in a new tender for the famous supply of 1,000 city buses in Athens-Thessaloniki. Finally, through a PPP, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs promotes 12 new courthouses and 17 schools through the KTYP in Central Macedonia.

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