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Who bid for the new futuristic building of the Ministry of Infrastructure & Transport in downtown Athens



Κτίριο Γενικής Γραμματείας Υποδομών

Strong participation was manifested in another large building project – PPP, this time for the new building facilities of the General Secretariat of Infrastructure on Piraeus Street. At the show of interest that ended on September 10, a total of 6 bands declared their presence:

GEK TERNA, AVAX, the J / V Mytilineos-Dimand, the J / V Intrakat-Redex, the J / C TEKAL-JCC SAL (from Lebanon) and Engineering. Of the BIG 5, the only one who did not attend was AKTOR. In a first reading of the participations we can say that we see for the first time two strong alliances. The first is that of Mytilineos with Dimitris Andriopoulos’ constantly rising in the building works Dimand. Extremely interesting is the alliance of Intrakat with the also experienced in construction projects Redex of the Kopelouzos group.

Interesting alliances

TEKAL also shows that it came to stay in the big PPP projects. Its alliance with the Lebanese JCC SAL, if successful, will be tested elsewhere. In the last year, TEKAL has made a demarche with important projects, the last of which is that of the Alexandroupolis Regional.

Finally, Engineering declares its presence in another PPP tender, claiming a share of the partnership pie.

This competition is the first to gather this type of interest with participations that from sources in the construction market are considered a surprise due to the size of the project. However, other factors comment that the multiple PPP tenders that have come out that will continue to come out attract the interest of more and more companies due to the stability and the almost zero financial exposure they have.

A great project

It is to be reminded that the competition took a time shift to take place. More specifically, the deadline for submitting an expression of interest from July 30 was moved to September 10.

According to the announcement, the new project with a budget with VAT of 139.59 million euros (amount without VAT of 112.57 million euros) is located administratively in the Municipality of Tavros-Moschato.

The subject of the Public-Private Partnership Contract to be awarded concerns the design, financing, construction, insurance and maintenance of a functional, modern building complex that will house the services of the G.G.Y. of ΥΠ.Υ.ΜΕ. and which will be designed based on the “Principles” of bioclimatic design, in which the environment and energy coexist, and must achieve LEED certification (Silver or higher), and 1 footbridge on Piraeus Street that ensures access to the building .

In addition, it includes the renovation of the surrounding area, part of which is located on an adjacent plot owned by OSE. SA, managed by GaiaOSE. SA, which will essentially be the access between the building complex under construction and the “Rouf” station of the Suburban Railway.

The object of the contract includes the opening of a road provided for in the approved road plan, as well as the demolition of existing buildings.


30 years duration

The duration of the project was set at 360 months (30 years), of which the first 36 relate to the construction period and the rest to the operation and maintenance period.

The tender will be conducted in accordance with the provisions of Law 4412/2016 and Law 3389/2005 (“Public and Private Sector Partnerships”). The award process includes two phases: the AD phase (default) and the BD phase, which is further divided into two sub-phases, namely: Stage BI (competitive dialogue) and Stage BII (submission of binding offers).

For the implementation needs of the Competition, technical and legal consultant contracts have been concluded from 02-04-2021 and 02-04-2021, respectively, and the tender process for the recruitment of a financial advisor is underway, for its assistance in technical, legal and financial matters. issues until the completion of the entire tender process (AD Phase and B. Phase of the Competition).

The project will be constructed based on the architectural competition plan that took place about 1.5 years ago.

The benefits of the project

With the implementation of the project is achieved:

• Saving energy and resources from the operation and maintenance of the existing buildings of the G.G.Y.

• Saving resources from the cleaning and maintenance of the existing buildings of the G.G.Y.

• Saving telecommunication fee costs by using advanced telecommunication services (“syzefxis”)

• Elimination of communication costs between the Services (official vehicles, transfers, etc.)

• Lower implementation costs of the National e-Government Plan

• Unified, orderly operation between the Services of the G.G.Y. / ΥΠ.Υ.ΜΕ.

In the framework of the proposed Public-Private Partnership, the Private Partnership Agency (IFS) will implement the design, financing, construction, insurance and maintenance of the building complex of the General Secretariat of Infrastructure of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport
and the surrounding area.

The Directorate of Building Infrastructure (D21) is responsible for the planning, assignment and execution of public contracts for projects, studies and provision of services for the Building Infrastructure projects under the responsibility of the General Secretariat of Infrastructure.

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