The project for the new double railway line Aigio – Rio is now in the pre-contractual stage. The tender that started last October is being completed as, according to information, the contract is pending approval at the Court of Auditors. It will then be presented to Parliament and then the will be signed.

The contract is undertaken by the TERNA-MYTILINEOS scheme with a discount of 8.29%. It is the second railway project handled by this scheme after the Kiato-Aigio electrification project that was signed, and they will transform the railway transport in the Peloponnese and will reconnect Patras (until the last section Rio-Neos Limenas Patras is implemented) with the national railroad network.

The two projects are co-financed by the NSRF 2014-2020 through the YME-PERAA Operational Program. For the two projects, due to their completion time, funding will also be needed from the new NSRF 2021-2027 to be completed as “bridge projects”.

Completion and commissioning of the new Aigio-Rio line

The most important project, however, is the one that actually completes and puts into operation the new double high-speed line in the Aigio-Rio section, bringing the train right at the doorstep of Patras. The project also includes the large Panagopoula railway tunnel, 4.5 kilometers long, which will become the third largest of its kind in the country.

The projects include, among others, the construction of stations and stops, lines, electrification, etc. Upon its completion, it will be able to reach the station of Rio, the modern electric train that will be a breath away from the third largest city of the country.

It should be noted that the infrastructure projects in this section are currently in the final phase of the works with two contracts (Aigio-Psathopyrgos and Psathopyrgos-Rio) that started in 2014 and 2017 respectively. The works are concentrated in the preparation of the line (infrastructure works) so that the lines can be laid and the stations and stops can be built.

The project has a cost including VAT of €174.97 million (amount without VAT €141.11 million). The tender of the project took place on October 21, 2021, while the unsealing of the offers took place on the 27th of the same month). The tender also included: INTRAKAT – RAILWAY PROJECTS with a discount of 7.1%, AVAX 6.5% and AKTOR also 6.5%.

The duration of the works was estimated at 36 months from the day of signing of the contract. With conservative forecasts, the new line will be able to fully operate in 2026 as it will take a few months of testing both on the lines and on the smooth operation of the electronic systems and stations.

The object of  the project

Briefly, the scope of the Project under tender concerns:

– Construction of 28.8 km of double railway infrastructure from the entrance of Sid. Stasis Rododafni  until after the end of the underground project.

– Construction of 4 Railway Stations (Rododafni, Selianitika, Kamares, Agios Vasilios with C&C), 3 Railway Stations (Psathopyrgos, Arachovitika and Rio), two Tunnel Installations (KES) Service Buildings (entrance & exit of Panagopoula tunnel) with their surrounding areas and the configuration of the connecting arcade No. 5 of the Panagopoula tunnel for the accommodation of Y/S-2.

– Construction of the IT facilities inside the Panagopoula tunnel, its service buildings, the technical areas of the Y/S-2 of the interconnector No.5 and the C&C Ag. Basilio.

– Construction of a modern two-way signaling system with remote control and ETCS level 1.

– Construction of a 25kV/50Hz electrification system, with remote control (SCADA).

– Construction of a modern Telecommunications system.

– “EK” verification of the “infrastructure”, “energy” and “control-control and signaling” subsystems built in the context of this project


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