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The Project Preparation Mechanism to be put into action during March



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The Project Preparation Mechanism, which will be operated by the HRDH, is estimated to be ready in mid-March. According to the 9th enhanced oversight report of the European Commission published yesterday, some legislation remains to be added to complete the structure of this new organization.

In fact, it is considered as one of the critical points that will facilitate and improve the maturation of the country’s major projects. As stated in the report, this mechanism is important to ensure the necessary safeguards so that the HRDH can operate independently.

It is also estimated that the Project Preparation Mechanism will be crucial for the acceleration of the projects that will be included in the Recovery Fund but also in other public projects. The manning of the new instrument as it is revealed is in progress and will be completed in April. At the same time, preparations for the submission of bids for Technical Consultants have begun.

What is mentioned about Law 4412

Regarding the law 4412/2016, the reform of which has already been submitted to the Parliament, the report states that its full implementation will be crucial to ensure the smooth absorption of available financial resources (NSRF, CEF, Recovery Fund, etc.) and to support the country’s recovery. The new amended law aims to eliminate weaknesses in the public procurement process. The necessary by-laws will follow gradually in April, May and August.

At the same time, an “ambitious”-as it is called- strategy is being prepared for public procurement for the period 2021-2025, which is expected to support the green and digital transition of the country and to strengthen the fight against corruption. The framework has already been formed and it is estimated that it will be submitted by the end of April.

Also critical is the establishment of the “Pipeline of Strategic Projects”, which will essentially prioritize a series the major projects that will be implemented. A first legislative text has already been prepared for the existence of ASE and it is estimated that it will pass the Parliament in mid-March. It will be managed by a Coordinating Committee with a Task Force that will be managed by high-ranking executives from the competent ministries that will be responsible for the evaluation and selection of projects.

Railway reform

Regarding the progress made in the railway reform, it is noted that the Steering Committee, which started last October, has already agreed on the railway projects for the period 2021-2023 and will complete the planning of those that will go until 2027.  It is estimated that within the month the infamous competition for the Technical Consultant for the current projects will be announced.

With regard to sustainable urban mobility projects, the report states that no further progress has been made. The law for the revision of the legal framework is expected to be submitted to the Parliament. To date, 18 Municipalities have submitted plans but these cannot be submitted before the review of the legal framework.





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