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Athens Metro: preparation works for the new Line 4 to commence in 2021



With the award of the tender to ERETVO by Attiko Metro, the preparation works of Line 4 of the Athens Metro proceed. This is an important step that will bring us to the start of the projects. From here on, the countdown for the signing of the relevant contract begins. The contract will be sent for approval to the Court of Auditors and then the signatures will “fall”, maybe in January. The gradual development of the construction sites will begin in the first half of next year.

The project amounting to 48.3 million euros (amount including VAT) is received by ERETVO with a discount of 14.11%. The competition started on July 23, 2018 and it took 2.5 years to finish. It will take a total of 30 months for the project that distinguishes the civil engineering and train projects of the new line 4. The object of the project includes the archeological works and relocations of the utility networks so that the other project runs smoothly and no time overflows are observed. commonly observed in such works.

Contracting necessary for the main project

It should be noted that the work of the precursor works is absolutely necessary and critical for the implementation of the main project of 1.8 billion euros regarding the construction and commissioning of 13km of underground tunnel and 15 new Metro stations, which will be the first part of new Line 4 of the Athens Metro.

The scheme that has bid in Line 4 consists of the AVAX-GHELLA-ALSTOM and during this period all the necessary supporting documents are collected. The signing of the contract is placed in the spring of the new year.

What is being considered at the moment, is a collaboration between the two contractors and with the completion of the precursors, the construction site will be delivered to the consortium of the main project, which will save a lot of time.

22 construction sites

For Line 4, 22 construction sites will be developed, from Alsos Veikou to Goudi and Katehaki, and will concern the construction of stations and wells as well as the reception areas of the 2 tunnel drilling machines (the well-known Metropontikes).

ERETVO will prepare the necessary studies and then will carry out the works of bypassing the utility networks (energy, telecommunications, sewerage, water supply, etc.), the archeological works, the traffic regulations and other works that are necessary for the operation of the construction sites.

The unknown scenario that everyone probably avoids, is what will happen in case of finding important antiquities and how this will manage the issue with two different contractors in the project. What is certain is that the “red zone” for finding antiquities is from Alexandras Avenue to Ilisia, i.e. the central part of the new line.



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