The long-awaited project which includes five new Police Stations is finally out on tender. The project is on tender using the PPP method and is expected to attract the interest of several companies specializing in large building projects. The Contracting Authority is KTYP SA.

The cost of the project is 70.43 million euros including VAT (amount without VAT 56.8 million euros). It includes the study, construction, financing and technical management of the Police Stations in Patras, Lefkada, Karditsa, Veria and Alexandroupoli.

Expression of interest in late autumn

The expression of interest for the prospective contractors is November 22, 2022. Then the tender committee will decide on which schemes will go to Phase B where the final scope of the project will be decided and the binding offers of the schemes that wish to undertake the project will be submitted.

The duration of the contract is 360 months (30 years) from its signature. The first 2-3 years concern the construction period where the five police stations will be erected. The project was approved by the PPP Interministerial Committee last July.

This is another important PPP project tendered by KTYP which also has 17 schools in Central Macedonia, the four courthouses in Central Macedonia and the double tender for the 13 Regional Civil Protection Centers in tender.

Modern buildings

The aim for new buildings is for them to meet all the necessary specifications regarding their safety and operation. Among other things, they will have temporary detention areas, storage areas, evidence storage areas, weapon depots, shooting ranges, while at the same time a canteen area, a multi-purpose room and training rooms will operate.

The buildings will offer integrated services to citizens and workers and will contribute to the smooth operation of the police and investigative services. At the same time, the housing problem that the Hellenic Police is facing is solved. as the relocation of the services to new, modern buildings with the necessary spaces and infrastructure will improve the working conditions for all the staff who serve in them.


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