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The new large projects that will bring the train from Aigio to Patras



The plan for the further expansion of the double railway line from Aigio to Patras is progressing step by step. After the summer delivery of the new section from Kiato to Aigio, ERGOSE is planning the connection of the third largest city in the country with the national railway network.

In order to make this possible, it will be necessary to complete projects that have been running for several years and to start the implementation of two more projects which will finalize the restoration of the intercity train in Patras.

At this time, two contracts are in progress from the area of Aigio (Rododafni) to Rio. These two projects concern the construction of the infrastructure of the new double line. More specifically, the first project has been undertaken in the Aigio-Psathopyrgos subsection and includes the large railway tunnel of Panagopoula, 4.5 km long.

This contract has been undertaken by the consortium INTRAKAT-AKTOR-AVAX and according to the latest updated schedule, the completion of the project is scheduled for May 20, 2021.

The second project concerns the Psathopyrgos-Rio subdivision and prepares the line almost to the entrance of the city of Patras. The projects include important techniques such as “cut & cover” and bridges. The contract has been undertaken by GD Infrastrutture and the updated completion of the project is for February 4, 2022.

The “Sweep Contract”

These two projects do not deliver a line in operation because they only concern the infrastructure, ie the necessary large technical works, such as tunnels, bridges, etc. and leave the ground ready for the next – and final – “swwep” contract that will bring the train just outside Patras.

This project will start from Aigio and will end in Rio, and it will include the granting, the electrification-signaling-remote control and the construction of the new stations and stops. The construction of 8 railway stations is foreseen in more detail: Rododafnis, Selianitika, Kamares, Psathopyrgos, Arachovitika, Ag. Basil, Rio and Bozaitika.

According to the latest information, the auction of the project is estimated to take place in the first quarter of 2021, with the aim of signing the contract by the end of the same year. The duration of the projects is set at 36 months. The cost of the contract is estimated at 91m euros. The earliest we can expect to see the train whistling in this section is 2025.

The final contract for Patras

The announcement of the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Costas Karamanlis, from the summer, is evolving and is expected to take shape in 2021. It is a large project, which includes undergrounding of 5.16km and 9 underground stops that will serve the traffic of the city’s Suburban Railway.

The project is planned to be carried out using the method of competitive dialogue. Here we expect more in the next period, ie locking the object of the project and to start the tender procedures that will bring us closer to its implementation. The cost is expected to reach close to 500 million euros. The line will end at the New Port of Patras.

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