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The new expansion projects at the Chios Airport to go through soon



Αεροδρόμιο Ελ.Βενιζέλος

THEMELI takes the lead in the race for the undertaking of the large project of expansion – improvement of the maneuvering field of Chios State Airport “Homer”. After the opening of the offers, the technical company reduced with a discount rate of 24.79%.

Second was the Project Engineering with 21%, third was INTRAKAT with 17%, fourth was J / V AKTOR-PC Development with 11.71% and fifth was EKTER with 1.01%. It is worth noting that the drop in the offered discounts is noticeable and the de-escalation from the excessive discounts that we saw in the previous years continues.

The upgrade project of Chios airport is a long-awaited project for the island. The promotion for the implementation of this project has been a constant requirement of the institutions of Chios for many years and is now in the competition phase. The contracting authority is the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

The cost of the project amounts to VAT at 24.74 million euros (amount without VAT 19.95 million euros). The object of the project is the extension of the corridor to the north, the formation of safety zones and RESA zone at the southern and northern end of the corridor, the construction of hydraulic and technical works and the construction of a substation and a light station.

The bidding and the unsealing of the bids took place on June 30, 2021. The duration of the project was estimated at 32 months, ie less than 3 years. If the projects start in the first half of 2022, then the project can be completed in 2025.

The project is financed by credits of the Public Investment Program, it is included in the Operational Program “Y.ME.PER.A.A.” of  NSRF 2014 – 2020, in the Act “Improvement and development of infrastructure of Chios State Airport” and by the number 2021SE07700004 of the PDE, which concerns the coverage of the private participation of the Ministry of Interior.

The identity of the project

Objects of the projects are:

-The extension of the corridor to the north in an expropriated area, so that the corridor acquires a total length of 1,799 M and a width of 30.00 M, with asphalt supports 7.50 M wide on both sides. , at a length of 60 M and then the runway safety zone (resa) at a length of 90 M. existing part of the corridor,

– upgrading the strength of the existing runway section,

– configuration of a runway safety zone (resa) after the end of the southern extreme strip of the runway at a length of 90.00 M,

– extension of the existing internal service route of the airport to the new boundaries of the expropriated area,

– execution of the necessary plumbing works inside the airport, for the drainage of the area. The execution of the respective works outside the airport until their discharge into the sea will be performed by the North Aegean Region,

– execution of the necessary technical works (retaining walls, etc.),

– the necessary horizontal and vertical markings in the field of maneuvering on the road networks, which are affected by the works of the corridor,

– extension and replacement of NATO fencing, where required,

– modernization of the electromechanical maneuvering installations and installation of corresponding ones in the extension,

– construction of a new lodging station for a light station and an airport substation,

– displacement of the VOR radio aid,

– transfer of an existing installation and construction of a new canopy.




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