Tomorrow, Thursday, March 28th, will definitively mark the signing of the concession agreement for the Egnatia Odos to turn a new page in its history. According to information from, late last night, the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport was supposed to sign the ministerial decision for the increase of tolls from 0.03 euros/kilometre to 0.04 euros/kilometre, which is the most important prerequisite for the signing ceremony to take place.

With this decision, an outstanding issue dating back to 2020 is resolved. It is worth noting that on other highways with tolls, the charge is 0.067 euros per kilometre. Within two years, another toll increase from 4 cents to 5 cents per kilometre will occur.

In the competition conducted by HRADF, the preferred investor is the consortium comprised of GEK TERNA (75%) and EGIS PROJECTS (25%), a designation made in late 2021 with an estimated amount today of around 1.35 billion euros. Recently, the Special Purpose Vehicle company “Nea Egnatia Odos Parachorisi AE” was established. The act of establishment took place on March 5, 2024. The company’s share capital amounts to 2.5 million euros.

The Association of Employees of the Egnatia Motorway opposes the concession of the Egnatia Odos.

The next steps

After the signing of the concession, several other steps need to be undertaken. The most important ones include certification of the tunnels by the Tunnel Administrative Authority and toll booths in Malgara, Halara, and Polycastro, which have not yet operated due to opposition.

Subsequently, as the same sources suggest on, the contract will proceed to the Hellenic Parliament. There, it will become a law of the Greek state, and the contract will be ratified. The same process has occurred with other highways. Afterwards, the financial closure of the tender will follow, with the payment of the amount by the concessionaire company.

For the new concession period to officially begin, the existing company, Egnatia Odos S.A., must provide a detailed record of the highway’s condition, kilometre by kilometre. The new entity, “Nea Egnatia Odos Parachorisi AE,” will then examine this record and approve it for takeover.

Additionally, the licensing of the tunnels at level five by the special service of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport must be completed. The relevant process has begun and is underway. Egnatia Odos has numerous tunnels, especially in its western section, which traverses significant mountainous terrain such as the Pindos mountains.

The new Egnatia Odos concession

The duration of the concession for the Egnatia Motorway is 35 years. During this period, the concessionaire consortium will be responsible for the maintenance and operation of the main axis and the 3 branches (Siatista-Krystallopigi, Thessaloniki-Euzones, and Thessaloniki-Promachonas).

More specifically, the main axis of the Egnatia Motorway spans 658 kilometres. It features full access control and a separated carriageway, has already been constructed, and is in operation. It extends from Igoumenitsa in the Region of Epirus (on the northwestern coast of Greece) to Kipoi in the Region of East Macedonia and Thrace (at the border station with Turkey).

Additionally, three vertical road axes, totalling 225 kilometres in length, are also being concessioned. These axes serve as connections between the Egnatia Motorway and neighbouring countries (Albania, North Macedonia, and Bulgaria).

In the upcoming concession of the Egnatia Motorway, the most significant project will be the extensive maintenance of the entire axis, which will introduce new enhanced safety features. Additionally, an interesting challenge will be the construction of rest and service areas (RSAs), which are currently minimal and need to be planned, tendered, and constructed. A key concern in the heavy maintenance of the road will also involve interventions required in the dozens of tunnels and bridges.

Another important element is the upgrade to a motorway for a length of 44 kilometres on the Thessaloniki-Euzones axis, the main road artery connecting Greece with the rest of Europe.

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