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The Metro Line 4 tender speeds up as the files are ready to be opened



Following the example of AKTOR, AVAX withdrew its appeal from the SC, regarding the much-praised case of the tender for Line 4, fully confirming the latest article of In this way, the “drama” that had developed in the previous two years, that held “hostage” the country’s largest new public project, ended. Now, according to sources, there is no obstacle to the completion of the competition and the start of the projects.

The next steps, according to secure information, are for Attiko Metro to receive a document (as was done in the case of AKTOR) for the withdrawal of AVAX’s appeal and then we have to wait for an announcement to complete the phase of technical offers.

Immediately after, the tender committee, according to the terms of the announcement, will invite the two bidders of the project to open the bids, within a few days. This means that maybe in October we will find out the bidder and future contractor of the big project.

In Attiko Metro but also in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, satisfaction prevails as one of the most difficult “heavy ties” in the history of the country’s constructions was solved.

It is to be reminded that last year at such a time the competition was questioned due to the multiple legal implications that had occured and there was a political decision to save and complete it. The climate of “drought”  that exists in the new infrastructure projects of the country and the giant size that has its impact on the real economy also contributed to this.

In the NSRF 2014-2020, 450 million euros have been committed for this project, which is  the largest  sum of the YME-PERAA program, being one of the emblematic projects of the current programming period.


It should be noted that we have the right to appeal in the next stages of the tender, ie after the minutes of the announcement of the bidder, the contract to the Court of Auditors, but it is estimated that after this long process and the latest developments, the bidders will let the tender be completed.

As we mentioned in the previous artcile, after the announcement of the bidder, the necessary minutes will be issued by the tender committee which will be ratified by the Board of Attiko Metro. The contract will then be approved by the Court of Auditors and finally passed by Parliament as a “big project”.

The closing of the tender and the beginning of the construction period will mean the day that the contract between Attiko Metro and the contractor consortium will be signed.

The object of the project is gigantic. It includes the construction of 15 new underground stations and the creation of a 12.9km tunnel. The cost was estimated at 1.8 billion euros (although market participants jokingly note that this is an understatement). The duration of the works was set at 96 months, while for the opening of the tunnels, two subways will be used at the same time, which will work from both ends of the line.

Before we get to that, however, the precursors must be completed, which will require speed and accuracy so that the schedule does not faces any more hurdles.






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