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The big infrastructure projects to start during 2021 – Which projects are heading to 2022



More than 100 projects with a budget of more than 10 million is at this time in a competitive process.

These projects cover the whole range of constructions and either concern, large public works such as metro line 4, or building-PPPs for student homes in universities, concession projects such as underwater Salamina, energy projects such as natural gas networks, and classic Infrastructure projects  for water supply, drainage, reconstructions, etc.

An important part of these competitions is assessed by the market that it will be able to constitute this year. The time is particularly critical as one year since the beginning of the pandemic has created a new environment in which constructions need new projects.

What major projects will be signed within 2020

Starting from the big projects, the project for the precursor works of Line 4 is signed in the next few days, while until June, the basic project has begun. The project of 1.8 billion euros is considered to give the kiss of life in the technical industry in the capital area. The projects will undertake Etevo and Rax-Ghella-Alstom respectively. In Thessaloniki Metro, it is estimated that the H / M projects are needed to operate the Kalamaria Line.

For the railway projects this year, it is estimated that the electrification work for the Kiato-Aigio Department will be signed. Signatures with Mytilineios Group are estimated to fall until the end of the summer.

In large road traffic projects, we will have in Patras-Pyrgos (after summer) and in the northern part of the E65, Trikala-Egnatia until the summer. They are two very big projects that are pending from the past and will create employment opportunities in Western Greece and Western Thessaly. The projects will be built by Vinci and TERNA respectively.

In the coming months, we expect the signatures for the Mega-Building Casino work in Greek. Inspire Athens has an estimated cost of 1 billion euros and has drawn the attention of the technical world as a whole. The project will be built by TERNA.

This year it is estimated that projects for waste units are signed in Hersonissos, Western Thessaly, Sitia, Nafpaktos. The same applies to natural gas projects in Thrace, An.Macedonia, Sterea Hellas and Central Macedonia.

Until summer, it is estimated that the signatures will for the project of the completion of the 6th Pier of Thessaloniki with the competition to be at a very advanced stage and with great participation of technical companies.

The smaller projects

In the smallest budget projects that are expected to be signed the most important is, the connection of the 6th Pier in Thessaloniki with PATHE and Egnatia, Trikala-Karavopo, and Filiatra-Gargaliani, the upgrading of Pavlos Melas Metropolitan Park  and the Restoration of Achilleion in Corfu.

Also, it expected to see signings in the Drainage Projects in Pallini, Pikermi, Rafina, Georgioupoli Chania and Water Supply Network Replacement in Agrinio, Kalamata and Heraklion.

Which are “dubious” to be signed

In doubt due to time pressure for contracting is the work of the Flyover of Regional Thessaloniki. The drainage project in Marathon will also be difficult to be signed in 2021. The same applies to waste units in Kavala, Zakynthos, but also for the Big PV Park in Kozani. Due to complex processes, we will hardly see signatures and for the PPP of the Xavria Dam.

Which projects will be signed in 2022

For the following year, it is estimated to see the completion of large projects that started their competition recently or are complicated and do not get completed within 2021.

The most important of these are railway projects for Electromobility in Larissa-Volos,  the Signaling in Thessaloniki-particularly, BOAK, Kalamata-Methoni. For 2022 it is transferred and the completion of the contest for the underwater passage  Salamina-Perama link.

For 2022, the Competitions of PPPs for Student Houses at the Universities of Crete, Thrace, Thessaly, the 13 Regional Civil Protection Centers, the Academy of Athens Research Center and the Piraeus Street Innovation Center.

Almost certain is that in 2022 the projects of the large privatization of TAIPED for Egnatia Road and the ports of Alexandroupolis, Kavala and Igoumenitsa will be completed.

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