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The masterplan for the new Heraklion airport to be approved shortly



Αεροδρόμιο Καστελίου, μακέτα

 The approval of the Master Plan in the construction project of the airport in Kastelli, Heraklion is considered a matter of days . The pproval is necessary to give flesh and blood and to specify what, but also how buildings and a runway will be constructed.

Until that happens, the precursors are running despite the onslaught and “persistence” of the covid-19 pandemic and its mutations. The emphasis is on protecting the safety of employees and the parallel implementation of projects. The work schedule has clearly been affected by the duration of the pandemic and is something that will be considered next year.

Slight displacement of the connecting road with BOAK

Regarding the projects, the most important development that we have is that, at the request of the archaeological service, a part of about 5 kilometers of the connecting axis that connects Kastelli airport with the BOAK is relocated.

The relocation was recently approved by the KAS and the next step is to start the studies of the layout in this section by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

The displacement of the alignment remains within the expropriation zone so it does not create any problem in the progress of the project. Speaking of archeological finds, excavations are continuing but so far nothing significant has been revealed.

The geological and geotechnical surveys have been completed while the construction site and its temporary buildings that will allow its smooth operation have been fully formed.

It is worth mentioning that in the case of the airport construction site and due to its remote location, it has been chosen to produce concrete on site (the same was applied by TERNA to the work of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center).

The great contribution to employment

To date, more than 200 machines operate at the construction site, 180 employed as technical staff and more than 40 scientific staff. According to the planning, in the full development of the project, more than 2,000 people will be employed, of which 300 will be the scientific staff of the project.

The project of the airport is considered as the biggest development factor for the island of Crete not only during its construction, due to the money that will fall into the real economy, but mainly during its operation. If we compare the example of the airport in Athens, the new airport of Kastelli will contribute to the employment of thousands (directly but mainly indirectly) and to the general development of the region.

The terminal and the runway

Regarding the “hardcore” part of the work, ie the construction of the terminal and the runway, on the one hand we have to wait for the approval of the Masterplan and on the other hand as it has been reflected in the initial schedule still has a significant time ahead.

More specifically, the terminal should be completed within 36 months of the start of the concession period (ie 2023) and the runway at 54 months (ie almost with the completion of the project). Here we have to see if the pandemic can affect the development of the project in relation to the schedule.

Kastelli Airport: One of the most modern in Europe
The airport in Kastelli in its final form will be one of the most modern in Europe, will have a runway 3,200 meters long, with parking spaces for 37 aircraft. It will be just the second airport in Greece that will have 9 passenger bellows, behind the “El. Venizelos ”of Athens.

The bioclimatic building of the airport, with an area of ​​71,818 sq.m., will be imposing, while a freight center of 10 acres, an Exhibition Center of 3,200 sq.m. for local products, but also a huge shopping area that will extend to 441 acres

The concessionaire consortium is TERNA-GMR, the builder of the project is TERNA SA. while the funding comes from the Greek State (45.90%), TERNA SA (32.46%) and the GMR Airports Ltd consortium (21.64%).



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